Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My 'Studio'

No, it's not a dollhouse it's my real house!
I thought I'd show you my 'studio'...which is really just the sunporch at the front of our house but 'studio' makes it sound much more grand.
Hubby and I have been fighting for possession of this room for years now but I think I've finally won and it's all mine!
I made those wooden houses on the window sill a couple of years ago.
The table came from my brothers old house. The previous owners had left it there.
I found the little chest of drawers at a second hand shop they were unpainted and falling to bits but hubby fixed it up!
The table the big dollhouse is on was oudoors...until I realised it was exactly the right size.

I had an idea of what I wanted to cover the table with and couldn't believe it when I actually found what I wanted. It looks very Cath Kidston but it's not - which means I could afford it!
I bought the chair years ago at a church fair for $2.

The Greengate tin on the end at the right was at an outlet store here in NZ. The tins were very expensive so I asked if they had any damaged ones and they showed me that one which had one side all pushed in. As they only wanted $2 for it I bought it...and we all I know I'm good at fixing squashed things!
The pink flowery box is covered with the most beautiful wrapping paper that Sylvia wrapped her gifts in.
The blue box I covered with 'Cath Kidston' wrapping paper. I cut the logo off the edge of the paper and stuck it on the front of the box.
The box on the left end of the table is covered in 'Pip Studio' papers and was made for me by Karin.
I told Sylvia I was planning to fill the room with flowery things and she sent me a huge parcel of the most wonderful goodies including this gorgeous floral cushion.
It looks perfect with the table!

And here is the most beautiful cup that Sylvia sent me, Liberty loves it too!

Another gift from Sylvia was this gorgeous little tin - there are a few minis for my next project hiding in there!

And there was also this fabulous Dutch recipe file.

And this hilarious little tin sign!

So there's my little's VERY small but it's all mine!
I haven't quite finished making it all pretty.
I'll show you the other end of the room another day - when I get around to sorting it out!
                   And here's something else that showed up in the mail.
Two of the most fabulous, inspirational magazines! They were sent to me by Debra of Loyalist Cottage.
We'd given up all hope of Debra's package arriving here - it took three months to come from Canada!

Debra also sent this gorgeous Mary Englebreit book for Liberty. It has a whole set of the cutest paper dolls with it.
Thank you Debra!

More from the mini world coming soon!



  1. What a wonderfully, sweet studio! I love your table covering, and the the chair cushion is a perfect match. With all your pretty tins, the room is so cheerful.
    And, I LOVE your nice, big window!

  2. Your studio is wonderful!! My studio is in a sun porch/sunroom thingy too. I haven't posted about it yet because it's always a mess! Yours is so fun and cheery!

  3. What a perfect spot to play! All pretty and light and airy and so neat and tidy!

  4. what a pretty little room. I have a small office, a room by the family room but I keep working on the kitchen table near my small tv! ha!

  5. Your studio is lovely Mercedes, Wonderful light which is so important. Big hugs! Kim

  6. Mercedes, I LOVE it!!! What an ideal spot with the perfect lighting to create your wonderful mini's! Thanks for sharing. I loved all of the photo's. What material is the table covered with? oilcloth? It is perfect. I have always had a weakness for blue fabric with pink flowers on it!!!

  7. Hi Patty,

    The table covering is just flock backed plastic sold by the metre.
    It came from Spotlight.
    It was one of the few times they've actually had what I wanted!


  8. You've made your space so pretty and inspirational, you have a gift for decorating I think!

  9. oh mercedes,

    i love your studio! it's filled with the colors and patterns i like so much.

    you should consider joining the "where bloggers create II" party this week. there's a button which links to details at my sidebar. come see!


  10. What fab gifts!

    And a goregous workspace, and come on, fess up Mercedes, all those shabby/floral things are part of your 'battle plan' aren't they - I can't imagine hubby being so keen on the space now ;)

    You know, I swear Liberty is getting cuter every day!

  11. Oh this is soooo adorable! This is the kind of space perfect for creating your BEAUTIFUL minis. Bright, airy, & oh so cheerful. =)

  12. Mercedes , this is a lovely studio and so feminine :). Truly a girl's studio! Love that cup too :)

  13. It is a wonderful work space....will you ever want to mess it us....or is that just me???

    It is now less than 2 weeks until your visit, I'm so excited!!!

    Did you see how clever I was, my face now pops up every time I come to vist your blog....isn't that something to look forward!

    Linda x

  14. It looks great, enjoy your work "room"

    Love Sylvia

  15. Your studio looks so pretty and tidy - I could never hope to achieve this!!

  16. I think you just definitely took over the studio!! LOL It looks great. It seem so cozy :-) I love the tins. They look so shabby.



  17. I just love your studio. It is so bright and the boxes are wonderful. I like the style.
    I see that you have the book "sew" by Cath kidston, my mum made the bag that was with it. I keep my wools for miniatures in it.
    Your studio is a dream.

  18. It doesn't matter how small it is, it's all yours! I'm envious of anyone who has a little space like that to call their own.

  19. You have created such a beautiful room! I love how you used old furniture and made it pretty!

    I'm sure you enjoy sitting there and dreaming about minis. It's so YOU!
    Love it!

  20. Mercedes, your studio is really lovely! Love the decoration and you can see through the photos that it's a relaxing room to do minis!!!
    How lucky you are!!!
    Warm regards,

  21. ¡Que estudio mas hermoso! me encantan los dibujos de flores y la habitacion se ve con tanta luz que resalta mucho mas la mesa,disfrutara enormemente haciendo minis alli ,te felicito,saludos

  22. Mercedes- what a lovely place to work and dream and plan! I love the little row of houses- too sweet!

  23. Your studio is gorgeous! It inspires me to get mine cleaned up. Thanks for the shout out. Liberty looks so cute.

  24. What a gorgeous workspace Mercedes. It is so pretty.

    Love the tin sign lol

  25. What a lovely space in which to create. I love the flowers everywhere and the light must be wonderful for your mini work.


  26. What a lovely space! So pretty and clean!

  27. Mercedes, if you were ever to come here you wouldn't find anything as pretty as your place. I'm desperately crossing my fingers so that I can win a lottery and get a room on my own. A sunporch sounds even better. Hugs to you all, Rosanna

  28. What a nice studio Mercedes. I love all the flowers and colors in this room also the table and the chair.

    I wish you many pleaser ours in your studio. Thank you for following me.
    (sorry, my Englisch is not very well)


  29. Your studio is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
    I loved.

  30. Your studio is wonderful. I have to find out how people keep their workrooms so neat and tidy. My craftroom looks like a worldwind went through there everyday. Unfortunately the whirlwind is me!! Oh well!

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Having any space to call your own -big or small - is a blessing. What a pretty, bright and sunny place to make your minis! It's lovely.

  32. I love studio posts - yours is gorgeous! A great tiny room for making tiny things. Can't believe that Cath Kidston-esque oilcloth came from Spotlight - I'll have to go check them out.

  33. What a pretty studio - and SO SO tidy! Good for you grabbing those bargains. You have created a really lovely creative area. Carol xox

  34. Hello!

    Love your little studio room - so lovely and relaxing! It must be a joy to create in those beautiful surroundings!

    Wishing you a good day today!

    Barbara Diane

  35. lucky you! I work in the corner of my living room...and its so messy!!

  36. Oh, that studio is a dream!! Fortunate woman!

  37. So so so charming!! Love it all to bits!!!! :)

    XOXO Jenny

  38. I love your little studio - so wish mine was like that.

  39. Wonderful studio, congratulations. Best regards

  40. Oh your studio is so gorgeous perfect for you Mercedes!
    So wonderful to have your own space for all tour wonderful crafting, and sunny too !

  41. Hi dear friend,

    Your studio looks fantastic...even when it is perhaps small, it is always nice to have it for yourself!


  42. Hi Mercedes,

    What a pretty flowerful studio!!

  43. Dear Merdeces

    Your studio is so so nice!! I love it! Congratulations!.

    Hugs from Madrid.


  44. Your room is adorable! I love all of the roses and bright colors.

    It might be small, but, it's still wonderful to have a place to call your very own. :)

  45. i love it! what did you use to glue the wrapping paper to the boxes? and what type of paper did you use for your table and what did you use to glue and seal it?

  46. Cannot believe! Is it really?
    Very-very-very amazingly!

    PS - I've just seen - you are from NZ! My dream is to live there with my family))) I'm from Ukraine))


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