Friday, October 1, 2010

Adding a little more shabby to the 1:1 lounge!

 Here's my new shabby chic coffee table.

Painted by hubby, distressed by me.

I brought this home from an Op shop a few weeks ago. It was beautiful mahogany (I forgot to take a pic before hubby sanded it). But it had a big crack right down the middle of it so it was only $20!
It was pouring with rain and took me three goes to finally fit it in the car.
I wasn't too sure about how happy hubby would be to see it but much to my surprise he is embracing the shabby lifestyle! (probably because it's cheaper than anything 'new')

 I LOVE my 'new' table!
And I also LOVE the new pitcher sent to me by Sylvia.
Two more furniture transformations are awaiting hubby in the garage!

 And here's a craft project that Sylvia sent to Liberty.
'Paint your own gumboots'!!!!!!
These are the coolest things, if you don't like what you've painted you can wipe the paint off with the special wipes.
And once you've painted them they're waterproof!
 Liberty painted them three times before she was happy with the result.

So much fun!

Thank you Sylvia!!

More on the barn coming soon, lol!


  1. The table looks great! Children can only add to the distressed charm of the table. Which also makes that style a very good choice.
    Liberty, You did a wonderful job painting your new boots!

  2. La mesa es una preciuosidad¡¡¡ pero las botas....maravillosas¡¡ Muy buen trabajo.Enhorabuena¡¡¡¡Besos

  3. Liberty, I love your boots! you have done a great job!
    Mercedes, I've done the same to my coffee table, it was dark walnut and now it's ivory. Much better ;o)But I did it by myself :o(( while J sooner than later will shabby all the house at your command ;o) Hugs Rosanna

  4. A few wows from me :). But the biggest one goes to Liberty of course! :). A tie between the table and Sylvia for sending you all those cool stuff :).

  5. Awesome gummies!!

    Love the table too. What did you use to fill the crack? I've got a cabinet in NZ waiting for me to return after Christmas that has a mightly big crack in the top - not sure if my usual Rapidfilla will be up to the job.

  6. Cathrine, I love your new table too!
    And Liberty,
    your boots are So pretty♥
    -Colour of my boots is rasberry pink but I don't have any beautiful pictures on them like you have. Should I put some stickers?

  7. Love what you've done to the Table, Mercedes. Liberty your boots are beautiful, you've made a fabulous job painting them. xxx

  8. Your table is fabulous! Liberty's boots are too. What a great idea!

  9. What precious style for the sofa and the the table... I am not so lucky than you I don;t think my boyfriend will leave me to do that scale 1:1.

    Liberty your boots are funny and I did not know the process I want the same....It will really fashionable for our fall season!!!


  10. La table est très belle comme cela et les bottes c'est génial pour les enfants !

  11. Mercedes your table looks perfect!!!!! Good to work in life size sometimes too :) WOW MIss Liberty your artwork on those boots is adorable. What fun! You have your mom's talent for making things look amazing when you are done with them :) Hugs to you both~ Kim

  12. I love the boots!!!! And you know what? I was thinking that maybe one day I will be sitting in this comfortable sofa.

  13. mercedes,

    big or small, all of your projects are lovely and always inspiring! love liberty's boots, too!


  14. Mercedes I share your love of reclaimed items. I guess I have been collecting and recycling things for years, back to my twenties (which is some time ago now). But back then I was stripping off the paint and restoring the woodwork! Now it is the complete opposite. I will post some shots of items I still have that I have painted.
    Your table is lovely, I bet I could 'distress' it even more. And I love the gumboots Sylvia sent for Liberty - she did a fabulous job with them too!

  15. The table coffee are loved, congratulations.
    Great idea for paint the gumboots Liberty, good job and original design.
    Good W-E

  16. oe !! love the table and the boots

    love from Frederica

  17. Como siempre tus trabajos son dignos de admirar, te han quedado preciosos.
    Besos Carmen
    Ha!, la niña estará encantada, seguro.

  18. Your lounge looks so pretty and chic!


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