Monday, November 8, 2010

A little crazy old lady...

Last week was 'book week' at Liberty's school.
On Friday they had to dress up as a character from a book.
Liberty chose to go as 'a crazy old lady called Daisy O'Grady'.

Daisy is a rather witchy character in this book.
I made the costume on Thursday - nothing like a last minute rush.
(the fluffy thing above Liberty's head is a pirate standing behind her, lol!)

This book came free when Scholastic Book Club couldn't fill our order earlier in the year.
It has the most wonderful detailed illustrations.

Liberty's a details girl (funny that!) so it had to be just right!
One of the bead belts came apart just before we left for school and had to be threaded back together in great haste!

Here's Daisy from the book.
Liberty didn't want a hat, she was worried she would put it down somewhere and lose it.

I found some bat stickers in my scrapbooking pile so was able to re-create Daisy's buttons.

Most challenging part was making a fox!
I've had that (synthetic) fur lying around for years...knew I'd need it someday.

I made the coat (top pic) from some fabric that was given to me and only had to buy the dress fabric.
Total cost of the whole outfit was just $6!!! I had everything else.
And another $2 for the can of black hairspray - which was the most important part of the look for Liberty!
Liberty won the prize for the best girls costume in her class!

On Tuesday the teacher read 'The Paper Bag Princess' and the children were all given a paper rubbish bag to make into an outfit of their choice.
I went and helped them - absolute chaos!
This dress was all Liberty's own design.

Here's what she's laughing at - two ducks came to visit us in our backyard today!



  1. Oh Mercedes, this is awesome! I see Liberty takes after her mom in the creativity department. Both costumes are great and her paper bag design is fabulous. She is adorable. =)

  2. Liberty looks so cute in this
    Fantastic outfit! I Love the details...Just wonderful!
    The paperbag is also very beautiful, Your daughter is very creative too.

  3. LOL....Liberty looks fantastic...both costumes are great and the paper bag is so beautiful.
    I always have fun m son preparing "things" for school :)
    Enjoy your week
    Un beso

  4. When I saw the first photo I thought 'but Liberty is blond isn't she'? Black hairspray, wow. I hope it was easy to wash out.

    The costume is great, such imagination, and of course attention to detail (none of us who read your blog would expect anything less). And Liberty's bag costume is great fun too.

  5. The hairspray was very easy to wash fact I was very worried that it was going to rain - that stuff just runs everywhere when it gets wet!

  6. Hace tiempo que sigo tu blogg...y he visto crecer a tu pequeña Liberty ... hoy de pronto "he visto" la mujer tan guapa e interesante en que se va a convertir ...Es un placer veros a las dos juntas. mariajo.
    Gracias por tu visita, me alegra que te hayan gustado los paños de cocina "country"

  7. Great outfit, I guessed Liberty would be the 'best dressed'. And she really takes after Mum in the design department, the paper bag dress is fabulous!

  8. Mercedes and Liberty, you are fabulous!you are incredibly talented and clever. I love both the costumes and I regret I don't have a little girl son is no longer in costume mood.

  9. Costumes are so fun! And Liberty looks great in hers (both). Thanks for sharing this :-)

  10. Wonderful customs Liberty, congratulations. Good week.

  11. Liberty looks great! That hairspray colour is a super idea. She looks so different with dark hair.

  12. Congratulations Liberty! Your look beautiful and your costumes are fantastic♥

  13. Wonderful costumes! I love the paperbag princess-great job on that! I don't think we have those bags in the US. We've missed out on that project.

  14. Liberty! Your one cute girl!! I love your costume!! And I love the black hair:) Too Cool!!!

    the dragonfly lady

  15. Liberty is getting big, this is really very pretty girl with dark hair!
    nice dark suit, but I prefer the paper!

  16. You and your daughter are quite a team. You have such a beautiful relationship. The costumes are just super! I see that Liberty takes after her mom in the creativity department.

  17. I LOVE Liberty's costumes. She is going to be every bit as talented as her mom when she grows up. She already has loads of it now.

    Gosh it was scary seeing her with dark hair. It really made her look older for some reason. She really is growing like a weed. I think she is going to be very tall. She's so pretty!!!!!!!!

  18. Both costumes are fab but I really love Liberty's paper bag dress! She's a clever young lady!!

  19. Fabulous Photographs Mercedes. Liberty looks so different with Black Hair!
    Both were brilliant costumes, but I have to say the Bottom photograph of Liberty in her "Bag" dress is my favourite, she looks so

  20. She is such a joy to behold your happy Liberty. She has a great mama. Love your country house. mini blessings, L J

  21. Mercedes, what a lady Liberty has become!!!! She look like a child model in the 1st picture and I thought not at all old or crazy. Then I saw the 2nd picture and burst out laughing. You are so clever with those specs! :) It did make her age overnight, no, oversecond :):):)

    Fantabulous job. I just love costume parties.even now. And like Liberty, my eye is always on the 1st prize only because I want to really dress up ..tee hee :).

    Please kiss the darling for me and congratulate her on winning 1st prize :).

  22. cute cute cute

  23. Liberty is adorable and I love her costume for her school book! It must be summer out your way? Bitter cold here in Utah, we hit 7 degrees last night! Happy Holidays!

  24. Cute girl! My Mackenzie would just love her! Must be warm weather out your's to the single digits out here in Utah! Happy Holidays!


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