Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Party in Paris' - Liberty's 8th Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Liberty's 8th birthday.
This year she wanted a Paris party...I was only too happy to oblige!
These are the invitations I made...

   The invitation strip pulls out of the side of the box and can be wound up again at the top of the box.
The details were also on the back of the box.

All wrapped up and ready to be delivered by hand.
I love this picture of Liberty. I made it into a poster for the party.
We turned our lounge into a Parisian café for the party.

I made a glittery, vintage style 'bon anniversaire' banner.
The guests (11 girls and two boys) made pipe cleaner Eiffel Towers...

...and they made Eiffel Tower collages.
I had covered the boards already and cut out all the pieces, they just had to glue them on. 
I gave everyone a little bag to hold and played a CD with the story of Madeline.
Every time they heard the name 'Madeline' they had to pass their bag to the person next to them.
They opened the bags at the end of the story.

I made little street sign name tags with pegs on the back for everyone.   
                  The girls made bracelets with glass pearls and Parisian charms.
  And the boys made wooden Eiffel Towers from kitsets.
I made all the decorations, I just love those ruffle streamers!

I made macarons!!
The Eiffel tower cookies were extremely popular.
I piped royal icing flowers on top of sugar lumps...very hard to stop at eating just one!
I bought an Eiffel Tower chocolate mould and my friend Pauline made the chocolates for me.
Drink bottles labelled with an image from the 'Graphics Fairy'.
The kids really enjoyed being in the café!
We played the 'Amélie' soundtrack to add some French atmosphere.

 Liberty asked for a ruffle cake with blue icing.
After watching a tutorial on YouTube I made her one.
She said it was exactly what she was thinking of!

I made a little snowy Paris in a bottle for a take home gift. 
The guests all posed wearing a beret and holding a baguette by a Paris street sign.
 (The sign was bought at Typo).
Liberty and her cousin Hope with my wonderful friend Pauline...
who is always there when I need her - and I really needed her that day!
Liberty and her little cousin Mia.

The party bags to take their bits'n'pieces home in.

Each guest took a mini baguette home.
Liberty and Rosa.

I was up after midnight icing these Eiffel Tower cookies.
I've iced a lot of cookies this year but these were by far the most labour intensive!
...but worth the effort!
I found the perfect present for my little artiste!
'Doodling in French' by Anna Corba is the most adorable book.

The end of the day.

Happy 8th Birthday to my little Parisan Party Princess!

...and she's already planning next years party!!


  1. Mercedes, you are AMAZING !!!!

  2. "Chapeau bas , Madame" comme on dit en Français !! tu es plus Française qu'une vraie !!! des anniversaires mémorables pour une enfant .

    Joyeux anniversaire Liberty

  3. This is the most wonderful birthday party, congratulations! And Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

  4. OMG Merceds - you really have outdone yourself this time - everything from go to whoa is totally amazing!!!

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Each picture mesmerized me Mercedes. Everything was a product of passion, your great talent and more importantly, your love for Liberty. You never fail to make me your fan.

  6. You outdid yourself! What an amazing, wondrous day for Liberty. Bravo!


  7. me encanta ver las fiestas que montas para tu hija ,me gustan mucho y seguro que ella las disfruta muchisimo , felicita a Lieberty , que por cierto esta muy grande y muy guapa



  8. Wow, this must be love in the best way from mother to daughter.
    Very good.

  9. Well, everything looks just amazing...bravo mon amie;)))

    love Sabxxx

  10. Happy Birthday, Liberty!!!
    And congratulation for you, Mercedes; you make a great job to plain this party.
    I was dreaming to be there with all of you.

  11. Liberty Happy BIrthday! BOn anniversaire miss Liberty!!!Mercedes everything is so ... bautiful I am speechless and such wonderful pictures. Is it an idea or Miss Liberty is starting to look as a ballerina (or a Carmen I have to say from the last picture)??? Maybe one time in the future it will be really in Paris you will celebrate it, C'est la vie!!! bisous a vous deux, claude

  12. Wow....what a dream birthday for any little girl ! Every little detail looked spectacular . You are such a great Mom to make things so special for your daughter Liberty and I'm sure she will remember these things always ! :o) Sue

  13. Happy birthday, mademoiselle Liberty.

  14. I am going to copy some of your wonderful ideas for my gd's upcoming 10th party. When I blog about it I will do a link back to this post. I hope our party can be 1/2 as great as yours! LOVE it! xo Diana

  15. Mercedes, thanks so much for telling me of this post. I just don't always make it to the blogs anymore. I have said it before and I will say it again "You are amazing, my friend" this party may be your BEST yet and the time those cookies must have took. Beautiful. Happy Birthday to Miss Liberty. Big hugs to you. We must talk soon. Love~ Kim

  16. Wow, it looks sooooooo beautiful!
    Liberty is a very, very lucky girl!!
    Great work

    Hugs Sylvia

  17. My Gosh Mercedes, what an amazing party and so beautifully done! Liberty is one lucky little french duckie :) Happy birthday Liberty!!!

  18. That. Is. Simply. Amazing.

    I can't believe the effort you put into parties! You are an artist!

  19. Oh my...This is the most beautiful birthday party ever!!!!
    Wish Liberty a joyeux anniversaire from me.
    8 ?????!!!!?????!!! ALREADY!???
    Good grief...time flies.

    I love the beautiful pictures and your never ending extraordinary creativity and passion for details.
    The photo of the boy with the beret and baguette made me laugh my head off!!!

    Big sigh...
    I wish I had been with you. Another kid amongst the other kids.

    A très bientôt Mercedes!
    Gros bisous!

  20. Dittos to all of the entries thus far, Mercedes! You are one extremely talented lady, and Miss Liberty is one lucky little lady to have you as her mom. What a spectacular party. Each photo was a window into her "special" day. Hours upon multiple hours of thought and preparation went into that little extravaganza! Liberty's outfit is precious. Thank you for sharing your day of joy and celebration. Happy Birthday, Liberty!!! *</: )))

  21. How funny is this? My daughter turns 8 this Oct. and she wants a birthday party fashioned after the ballet birthday we found on your blog from lats year. I better not let her see this post, though I already have the cookie cutter. Happy birthday Liberty.

  22. Wow, Lucky birthday girl, I feel tired seeing all the work you put into the party, you are truly inspirational Mercedes, so artistic and those cookies and the cake are sensational.

  23. Oh my goodness, this is just like a dream, Liberty must have been thrilled!! Everything is so awesome. You thought of so many fabulous details. I must look at everything again! Happy Belated Birthday to Liberty. Love the Eiffel tower cookies.

  24. Hola Mercedes, parece que ha sido una estupenda fiesta parisina. Y Liberty es ya una preciosa mujercita. Muchos besos a las dos.

  25. Such an amazing job!! It's all so pretty and such an inspiration...i really love it all!!

  26. I am flat out in awe of this party. Is it weird that I wish I had been invited? A grown up girl version would be amazing! I don't know how you will ever top that party!

  27. Hello, long time miniature lover and lurker of your blog...I just had to post a comment after seeing all these photos! What a lucky girl! This party was beautiful and all the little details were so fun and full of love.
    -Hannah from Canada

  28. So so nice party ! So real ! from a French girl living in PARIS !

  29. Very late but glad I didn't miss it :):):):). Happy belated birthday, Liberty!

  30. Post lindo e inspirador #amei


  31. hello mercedes!

    what a perfect party! (i want one for myself) i love the pipecleaner eiffel towers and everything else! wonderful details. what a lucky little liberty!


  32. My Goodness! I am blown away with the effort, love and thought you put into Liberty's birthday party. Amazing! Best wishes, Carol :)

  33. Original, fresco y divertido
    Un saludo

  34. SUPERBE! les détails sont somptueux!

  35. Wow! What an inspiration you are. You have endless talent. It's always a pleasure to read your blog posts. :) I am so impressed with Liberty's party, she must have has a ball! :)

  36. Hi!
    I'm French, from Paris...
    ...and I love your creations! it's so beautiful.

    C'est très mignon <3


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