Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Farmhouse Attic Bedroom

I can finally show you the attic master bedroom!
This wasn't the easiest space to transform. 
The slope of the roof means there's not a lot of useful room. 
I built some wardrobes at the end of the room to give the space a more interesting shape.

I'm not sure if that bed will stay there yet.
I might have to make a new one.

Lots of shelves waiting to be filled. 
Getting the wardrobe doors the right shape was tricky!

Sometimes I look at that bed and love it...other times I'm not so sure!
Actually I think it's when I'm considering making another bed that I decide I love this one...some things (like bed building) just seem like too much trouble!
Although I'm sure someday inspiration will strike and then there'll be no stopping me.

There's built in shelving on either side of the bed to make the best use of the space.

I made the little cabinet years ago. It just happened to fit perfectly in the alcove.

Trying to figure out how the wardrobe doors should open was a challenge.
 I nearly gave up...but I'm not really into giving up...
When I get an idea I usually see it through no matter what! 
And eventually I figured out the best way to make the doors day they'll be filled with tiny clothes!


  1. The attic is absolutely beautiful <3 ! You have done a great job <3 !
    Kind regards.

  2. Wonderful ambiance in this room! The built in wardrobes add so much character to the space and will certainly be able to hold pretty treasures in the future. There is a great deal of thought and workmanship that's gone into this space....lovely! Alayne

  3. I'm so glad you figured out the wardrobe doors, so beautiful.
    Love the nooks and crannies in this room!

  4. Your room is gorgeous, but the bed seems too large for it from the photos. That is why you aren't happy with it.
    Other than that, your workmanship is wonderful. Put a smaller bed in it and see what you think. I love how you did the doors.

  5. Your room is absolutely gorgeous. The shape of the cupboards are just wonderful.
    All the best

  6. Lovely atmosphere in this room! I do like how you have made the room more interesting by adding wardrobes of different depths and using pattern on the doors. As for the bed, I think if you dress it in the style of the room with pillows and a throw or something like that, it will look quite at home in this room.

  7. Beautiful Mercedes! Love those wardrobes and the little nook they created.

  8. I think the room looks Wonderful, Mercedes! Once you have dressed the bed you will probably love it! If not, change the paint before you decide to build a new one! (It's easier to re-paint! LOL!) The built-in closets and shelves are a perfect way to fit the "furnishings" into the room! The houses with low eaves like this do make it difficult to place furniture! Here you have made it more interesting and more functional! Well done!!! It also gives you plenty of places to fill with your little treasures! I look forward to seeing more!

  9. That is so gorgeous! I clicked on the thumbnail without realizing which blog I was on and made it down to the fourth picture before realizing that I wasn't looking at a full size room.

  10. Has logrado un aprovechamiento de las caídas del ático perfectas y preciosas!!! Me encanta todo su conjunto,así como la combinación de colores,resulta muy acogedor y cálido!!

  11. It looks amazing - bed and all!

  12. That room is so delicious, charming and a wonderfully rustic! Bed is also very beautiful with those flowers. I also love how you manage to always handle the painted surfaces so rustic look like.

  13. IYou did a wonderful job with this room. I love it, especially the doors of the closets.

  14. Hello Mercedes,

    What a BEAUTIFUL bedroom!

    It looks so peaceful and calm up there... makes me want to lie down on the bed and take an afternoon nap! :D

    The frame of the mirror is so pretty and its colours match the wallpaper and cabinet in the alcove so well. :))

    Kind regards,

  15. Wonderful room and colors! I like the bed with the flowers too, the decoration, all!!!

  16. Hi Mercedes, I think that your addition of built-in storage space was a Brilliant idea and it has given a whole lot of personality to your attic bedroom. The applied pattern on the closets and drawers turns them into little works of art and I really admire the subtle variations of paint color using the grey, blues and pastel greens to harmonize with the pretty paper which adds even more interest. I love the shapes they make and your room arrangement and I look forward to seeing how you finally dress the bed, the shelves and your closets. :D


  17. The bed is a perfect fit. If you make it smaller the proportion between the cabinets may be off. Since one cabinet is larger. Either way the room is very charming and I know it's going to be beautiful. I love the wallpaper.

  18. Wow this is beautiful .. so is all your work .. love everything x

  19. Hi, i loved your blog, beautiful.


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