Wednesday, February 17, 2021

La Maisonnette - making the bed

I know I said the next post would be the bathroom but I've had a few questions about the bed so here's a little peek into the somewhat haphazard way I make things!

I have a great love for vintage iron beds. 
So when it was time to make a bed for La Maisonnette there was no question it would be an iron one. 
I had an idea for what it should look like and flicked through a few books and surfed the web for some inspiration. 
I never did find a picture of the exact bed as I saw it in my head. 

I didn't draw a picture of anything, I just started building it.
I don't have many pics of the bed making process so this isn't a tutorial! 
The bed really is just made from florist wire and beads and glue.
I bent the wire around a little bottle that I found on my desk.
Those gold things are some dollhouse hinges I had - and by some miracle was able to find them when I needed them. 
The bed feet are just eyelets.
Of course I made the bed ends without even thinking about how I would attach them to the bed base. Aaaaaaarrrgghhhhh!!!!!
Oh, well...where there's will there's a way...
I taped a bugle bead to each of the bed legs (you can see one on the left of the pic above) then glued a piece of wire to each side of the bed base to slot into the bugle bead.
I buy vintage hankies at the op shops whenever I find them.
They make perfect bedding.
I don't like cutting them up but sometimes it has to be done.

Here's the other side of the bed that will only be glimpsed through the window.
The most important thing about this bed was that it had to fit in the space.
Fortunately I measured the width of the alcove the bed was going into and made allowances for the bed feet as they stick out further than the bed ends.  
I've made that mistake before.
Once again I surprised myself when it turned out like the picture in my head!

Thank you all so much for stopping by here and for the lovely, kind comments you left on my previous post. 
I've missed you!
It feels good to be back!


  1. Bedankt voor de uitleg. Het geheel ziet er prachtig uit.

  2. What a beautiful bed you've created and I love how you dressed it, it's exquisite.

  3. What a lovely bed. I should like to sleep in there. I usually sleep very badly, but I think it is calm there so I can sleep there.

  4. Always a treat to see how an idea formulated in one's head can come to fruition...what a pretty bed especially with the lacey bed coverings made from handkerchiefs. It is a lovely, restful and calm space this room appears to be...beautiful! Cheers, Alayne

  5. It's so fun to see a post from you in my inbox! You were one of the first blogs I followed and I love seeing your beautiful work!

  6. Just beautiful! Thank you for the -yes it is- tutorial, I've always loved the metal work you do and wondered if you sautered - something I'm a little intimidated by- so glad to see a simpler and yet very beautiful way of doing it! Michelle in Tenn.

  7. Es preciosa y las explicaciones muy claras. Precioso trabajo

  8. Thank you so much for explaining how you created this most beautiful bed.
    I love the vintage hankies bedding.
    I look forward, eager to see more posts from you.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. I love how it looks. Beautiful!

  10. Your bed is gorgeous and, even though you said it was not a tutorial, the instructions are very well done. I hope I can use the same technique at some point in the future. I'm a huge fan of metal beds and would love to have one in real life. What a wonderful result! Thank you for sharing. - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

  11. It is just so very, very pretty! I love how you have made the 'wrought iron' without having to go anywhere near a soldering iron.
    Anna x

  12. Un trabajo muy elegante, fino y minucioso! Bravo!!

  13. A mi también me gustan las camas de metal y la tuya es preciosa. También me encanta como quedan la ropa de cama. Has dado unos bonitos pliegues.

  14. This is brilliant! Thank you for posting! I'm going to attempt something similar (a daybed) for my mini travel trailer. What kind of glue did you use on the wire? I have a solder tool, I'm just scared to use it!

    1. Hello Gloria! I think I've finally worked out how to reply to your message so I hope this makes it to you...I've just used a tacky white glue. No soldering involved!

  15. Thank you for sharing your bed-making process with us! From the finished picture I would never have guessed what was underneath and your bed bracket solution is genius! As for the size of the bed, as you say, the important thing is that it fits the alcove. A few years ago I sent an old wooden double bed to a restorer to have it refurbished. Since I was having guests at the time and needed somewhere for them to sleep, the restorer lent me and antique French iron bed frame. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I was so sorry that I had to give it back (it was already sold to another customer). What I wanted to say about it though is that because it was several hundred years old, no standard mattress would fit perfectly on it. Beds were not always made to the same measurements and people back then were quite a bit smaller than we are now.

  16. Qué bonita ha quedado la cama en su totalidad. Me encantan las camas de hierro, y la tuya con esos pañuelos tan delicadamente colocados, aun gana más en belleza.

  17. YOur iron bed is SO RIGHT for the look and scale of this attic room and I love the herringbone floorboards too.
    I also admire how you are adding a set of faux stairs without having them become the focus by hiding them around the bend of the bed/bath wall which is an ingenious way of "including" them without forfeiting the necessary footage or wrestling with the extra stress- BRAVO!:D


  18. Preciosa, realmente apetece tumbarse. Es muy bonita y delicada.


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