Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Creating a Table and Chairs for La Salon

After searching through my miniature hoard 'stash' I decided to make a table and chairs from scratch for the Salon.
I probably could have found a table and chairs that would fit there but sometimes 
I just feel like making stuff!😂 
For the chairs I looked at the instructions in Lea Frisoni's book. 
I didn't have everything that she used to make her beautiful chairs but I was able to improvise. 

Do what you can with what you have!

Cardboard, toothpicks, thin cord and jump rings!
I've had that fabric for a long time. 
This just seemed the right time to use it.
When I started out I was going to make two chairs at the same time 
but it was challenging working on just one chair. 
I almost didn't want to make another one but
I laboured through. 
The legs on one are a little wonkier than the other...that's usually how things work out here!
Table time!
Actually I made the table first but the pictures ended up the wrong way around in the blog post.
I liked the size of the little table that Kim Saulter sent me years ago so
I measured the table top around it.
That piece that looks like a pedestal just somehow turned up here.
Things like that just seem to happen!
That little black cap I attached under the table top just happened to fit perfectly on the top of the pedestal!!!
A little stain and paint.
Somehow I ended up with the colour I wanted.
et voilà
Tiny things bring me great joy!

I hope you're all having a good week and thanks for stopping by to join me on the Maisonnette journey!


  1. They look beautiful. Sometimes you just have to make things. And you can be certain they fit perfectly into the space!

  2. Very dainty and the chair upholstery had proved ideal!

  3. La mesa y las sillas, han resultado perfectas para el salón! un precioso trabajo!!

  4. What a wonderful dining set! This project seems to have things jumping out of drawers just to get used in it! I love when that happens!
    My daughter got me Lea's book in 2017 and I am ashamed to say I still have not read it yet! I know when I do all other work will stop and I will have to try some things, if not a whole house!

  5. Great chairs, I love the fabric. With the table it makes a gorgeous scene in the corner of the room.

  6. oh my goodness! I love them! :)

  7. Hi Mercedes, You are making wonderful progress and as usually clever progress as well. The chairs are charming and the fabric perfect. The trim on the table I believe is made using those scissors that cut a pattern. It puzzled me at first but such a good idea.
    Hoping for more scenes soon.
    Regards Janine

  8. Excellent!! I wouldn't have dreamed of making the chairs but they worked out great, and the table is fab, serendipity at work that the black cap and the end of the pedestal were made for each other!

  9. great pieces - I really enjoy the walls and floor in that space too!

  10. I'm amazed at the chairs! It looks like you magicked them up out of thin air and a bit of cardboard. The little table has character too. Well done on another set of charming furniture for your apartment. I'm enjoying this journey with you.

  11. WOW! Your little table and chairs are Perfect for that corner! I can imagine sipping tea eating croissants...! Lea's book has such wonderful ideas... It is great to see what you are accomplishing! The base of the table looks like a chess piece that is missing its "head"! LOL! Keep up the beautiful work! This room is going to be really special!


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