Thursday, March 18, 2010

A beautiful little dress

My wonderful friend Sabiha sent me this gorgeous little 1:12 scale dress. She made it from silk that came from one of her husband's old ties (now that's recycling at its best!) and it is the most beautiful shade of blue.

The dress is so spectacular that I wanted to do something very special with it. I've had this frame for many, many years and that sheet of scrapbook paper for a few years, lol!

Put them all together and volia! How cute is that!! Even hubby thought it was cute!

And here it is now in my bedroom. I have far too many picture frames and I don't like making too many holes in the walls so the other day I decided this might be a good idea. A sheet of soft board covered with fabric. And now I have a sort of picture mosaic and they can easily be changed around.
The little empty frame is waiting for me to find a baby picture of Noah, maybe I should do that right now.

And that's another designer fabric sample covering the board and the chair. That was a great big sample piece just the perfect colour for my room, I love it when things just happen to work out!


  1. Wow it's incredible how you come up with these great ideas!!!! Good job... and many many thanks for the board idea :-)

    C. xxx

  2. Brilliant idea Mercedes, those Scrap book papers definitely come in

  3. I love your idea. The dress is so pretty and framed even more!!
    So clever (you and Sabiha)
    Un beso

  4. Wonderful Ideas!!!
    I love the little dress Sylvia made and it looks fabulous in the frame....clever girls!

    Linda x

  5. What a lovely gift. It looks great in that frame with the scrapbook paper behind it.

  6. Such a pretty little dress and what you've done with it is inspiring Mercedes :)

  7. I just love the little dress, Sabiha made, you are very lucky! I also like the way you have integrated it in your little collection, I love collections (maybe you´ve already noticed ;-)
    Love, Suanne

  8. Hi Mercedes,
    Sabiha give me the same dress and you give me the most wonderful idea!!
    I go looking for a nice frame.
    Love Sylvia

  9. Spectacular indeed and the frame -- perfect.

  10. Oooops!
    I got one major detail wrong....sorry Sabiha!
    It is lovely!

    Linda x

  11. Putting the dress in a frame is a wonderful idea. Everything looks great!

  12. Such a sweet little dress.

    That is a fantastic idea for the frame collage.

  13. Mercedes! I love this! It's just adorable! In response to the post you put on my blog, Peeps are these delicious candy treats made of sugar, sugar and more sugar...their kind of marshmallowy and yummy...and they look adorable in jars! Send me your address and I'll mail you some!

  14. Dearie, that board is perfect! I like the idea of using 1 board for 10 frames! Looking at how you are making every space count with your art, I feel like throwing out everything and starting over in my house!

  15. A lovely little dress and a clever imaginative way to display it to its full potential.

  16. It's a lovely dress. What a very good idea to frame it, the result is perfect. I love all your frames together. You really have plenty of good ideas.

  17. Great idea, I bet it looks good in miniature too?
    Beautiful job by both of you "handygirls"!!!
    Synnøve x

  18. There was a great idea to put the frames on a board like that.
    The dress was so beutiful and the frame was perfect for it,


  19. The dress is wonderful!
    And the board idea very creative!
    I think I'll try to make one too!

  20. How beautiful's so romantic!!!
    And it's very smart your idea to put it inside of a frame.
    Now it has a very important place to stay.

  21. You are so creative, Mercedes...
    It is a beautiful dress and it is beautiful the way of showing it. I love it!! Congrats both of you.

  22. Very nice dress and so cleverly framed too. Love the idea of the foam board for frames. You are both brilliant:)

  23. I can only agree - the dress is
    so lovely and your way of displaying it in a frame is such
    a perfect idea!

    Eva J

  24. Excellent idea Mercedes!!! The frame is lovely.
    Warm regards,

  25. What a good idea and what a beutifull dress she made for you.
    Real nice color combinations,you are an expert in colorcombinations

  26. Very beautibul all, congratulations Mercedes. Best wishes

  27. i am so happy to have found your blog. you are so inspiring. i am amazed that your friend was able to do such intricate work with a tie! it's beautiful and i adore how you have framed it. i also love your idea for a frame collage board. that is a great idea!

    happy thursday


  28. What a lovely littl gift to receive and a brilliant idea to display it. It deserves it's own little frame!

  29. Hi Mercedes! Looks like you still got a bit of sunshine down your end of the world ;-)
    I love how you put the frames together, they look beautiful displayed like that! The dress is gorgeous, and a very pretty shade of blue indeed!

  30. Hi mercedes,

    Wow what a great idea,it;s very lovely and looks very nice this way!

    There's an award for you on my blog;

    Your a very creative person and i like the things you made;-)


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  32. Love the dress and what a great idea to put it in a frame!!

  33. I love small and pretty art work and keepsakes but i never know how to display them. You have given me a wonderful gift, showing the mix of smalls all together on that picture board!

    i can't wait to get home and make one to display my smalls!


  34. Well, mercedes you did a wonderful
    job, and if Sylvia does it too, than I have to do it also! I have only made 3 dresses, and they are all different but with the same fabric. It would be nice to have them all hanging in a frame like you did!

    Big x!

  35. It's wonderful Mercedes I hade made it 1:1 of an old babydress of my daughter when she became a mom three years ago, and of course also in 1:12, but it always touch me to see another one, it's so presious.


  36. What a sweet little dress and I love how you framed it! Very special presentation!


  37. What a pretty dress, and such a lovely way to display it!

  38. ADORABLE!!!
    Great combination, and love the dress!

    OK, again, just how small are these things??
    Your work amazes me!


    barbara jean


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