Monday, March 29, 2010

Birds nests and baby shoes - small and smaller!

A few weeks ago Sylvia showed me a picture of some vintage baby shoes with a little birds nest in them that she had made. Click here to see Sylvia's baby shoes. I knew immediately that I had to make them too.

Sylvia told me she had found the idea at this wonderful blog - Treasures from the Heart (click to visit). Barbara Jean at Treasures from the Heart has a tutorial showing you how to make a pair of new baby shoes look vintage. Click here for the tutorial.

After going to at least 6 Op shops and not finding a single baby shoe I decided to use these brand new ones that my mum bought in England before Noah was born (we didn't know if he was going to be a boy or a girl). For some reason I never used them for Liberty. So technically they are 13 years 'old'!

I didn't quite follow the tutorial, I just wiped some antiquing medium in 'Down Home Brown' all over the shoes - very quick (I always try and find a fast way of doing things)! And then I spent a bit of time lining them with fabric to match the eggs. The eggs I made from modelling clay on the advice of Barbara Jean. The nest I made from some 'stuff' (can't remember what it was called) I found in the bargain bin at the flower supply shop. I'm very pleased with the result!
And just because everything needs to be made in miniature (doesn't it Lize!) I made some 1:12 vintage baby shoes complete with nests.
The shoes are about 1cm long and are metal minis - I have a lot of fun with metal minis!

The mini nests are made of the same stuff as the larger ones.

Now there are nests appearing all around the house!

How cute is that! I may not have found baby shoes at the Op shop but I did happen to find those three plastic eggs in a perfect size!

The kitty cup and saucer were given to me by a friend because the saucer has a chip in it. The stripey plate and the blue floral one are part of a setting I bought for Liberty for her 5th birthday because the design is called 'Liberty'. I found those pink plates at the Op shop the other day, I was going to put them in the playhouse but they kind of look like they belong right there!



  1. Mercedes, What a great idea making nest on baby shoes!!! The one you made in mini is so pretty!!!
    You are always doing new and lovely things!
    Warm regards,

  2. Hi Mercedes, I see I have missed some of your blogs,sorry!

    Love your nests,and shoes and shabby pottrey and the wonderful decorations in Liberty room!

    I also bought a nest for Ilyda's room and put a wooden hart in it!
    I also love the little one's, they are even cutter I think!


  3. They are all so lovely, the big ones, the little ones, the birdsnest!!
    And now it is waiting at all the little birds (LOL)

  4. So sweet and springy! I love the little baby shoes with the nest. And those beautiful shabby chic plates are wonderful! My DH and I have started going on Sunday morning 'dates' before church to a local Duncan Donuts for coffee and a doughnut and then we go to Lowe's or Tractor Supply for bird seed or to look around and drive back through the country to church. This morning Tractor Supply had their sweet little baby chicks and ducks for sale in large water troughs filled with shavings and warming lights. You could reach in and pick them up and hold them--the sweetest little fluffy things!


  5. Wow, how amazing. The way you can make minis from metal amazes me everytime. All those pretty pastel vintage items remind me of Ark, one of my favourite little boutique shops in Cambridge. Celebrations like Christmas, Easter and Halloween are such fun to decorate doll--and human!--houses for!


  6. Ohhh Mercedes.... die Schühchen mit dem Nest in Mini sind ja allerliebst. Sehr hübsch.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo / Monika

  7. Oh my!! Mercedes, you make the cutest things. Why don't you live next door to me...? ;O)
    Happy Easter to you from Denmark

  8. The baby shoes are cute but I really love your china and how you arranged it. Have fun,I treasure the nest you sent to me last year :o)) Rosanna

  9. They've come up great Mercedes, I especially love the tiny ones, and how cute is the 'Flea Market Baby' book!

  10. So Adorable Mercedes. I love love love everything you make. Tiny little baby shoes. So so sweet. Hugs~ Kim

  11. I love your shoes. The big one and the miniones. They are just lovely and even more with the nest and eegs.

  12. Very cute! I may have to do something similar with my husband's baby shoes. They are already very nicely aged. :-)

  13. What a lovely idea. Love the little

  14. Pretty, Verrry pretty! In both sizes! I especially love the lining in the 1:1 size.

    And I am totally with Rosanna on your china! Love the colours and arrangement. Where can we find that for the 'little people'?

  15. Those baby shoes are adorable in both sizes! I love your plates too, I love dishes.

    Happy Easter!

  16. These are so cute! The nests are adorable too. I get my kids shoes from but I will definitely check some of your stocks

  17. just too cute! the small ones and the smaller ones! someday i will post my collection of tiny stuff. mine are not handmade but consist of anything mini i can get my hands on.

    very good job on the baby shoes!



  18. Hey girl.
    I got my post up!
    Thanks for the great links over to my place.
    Still lovin' those little shoes and nest!!


    barbara jean

  19. !Que cosa tan bonita!. El conjunto te queda una maravilla, me encanta, gracias por el tutorial, me he pasado por el blog, no lo conocia, esmuy lindo.
    Mercedes siempre nos pones unas cosas maravillosas, tienes un gusto exquisito. Felicidades. un abrazo Carmen

  20. I love your miniature shoes with the nest. Very sweet.

  21. Aren't metal minis fun? I have them by the loads as well. We probably have enough to last a lifetime :). You make bird nests so charming. Over here, we make them into soups :). Kidding, bird nest soups are actually spits from swallows. Very delicious :)

  22. What a lovely idea and so perfect for spring. Your shoes look so good, really warn, love the mini ones too. I bet Liberty loved this project.

  23. LOL! They are all just so gorgeous!

  24. Mercedes hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ...
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  25. I'm laughing because I noticed the comment above was in Chinese? I think? I love the baby shoes & the plate display! What a challenge to do everything in miniature too! How you doing with the family in town? Have fun!

  26. Your blog is amazing. At first I thought I was looking at life sized things until I read. I love miniatures as well and have recently started trying to make things for my new doll house. I am definitely going to follow you. Come visit me when you have a chance.

  27. they are really good. If you want to see my blog:

  28. Hi! It's so nice to meet you! You have a very nice blog! Twyla

  29. Mercedes,that´s a funny idea.The nest on the shoe.It´s a wonderful work. Hugs,Matilde.


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