Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

I've had some fun creating this little Easter scene on the new front porch of the shabby house.

I made the Easter basket at breakfast time, very early this morning...I could barely see what I was doing! The bunny came off an earring and unfortuately his ear broke off when I tried to cut the little loop off his head.

I've gathered up all the pretty Spring coloured things I could find.

Sadly here in New Zealand it is turning to Autumn.

Last night when I was beginning to 'Easterfy' the porch I switched on the newly made porch light and it looked so magical - it's a pity you can't get the full night time effect from a photo.

Here's a little girl who's VERY excited about the Easter Bunny coming soon!

Here's the gorgeous bow that she has in her hair. It was made by Christine at 'This and That Creations' - yes, she made it!!!

Very hard to get a good photo of the bow once it was in Liberty's hair, she's just too bouncy waiting for that bunny!

Maybe she's bouncing everywhere because she's been eating these. The 'Peeps' were also sent to us by Christine. She had talked about them in one of her blog posts. I'd never heard of Peeps before and when I asked her what they were Christine kindly said she'd send some to me.

Let me tell you they are the most SUGARY, delicious marshmallow treats Liberty and I have ever tasted.

Christine also sent me a link to this blog which showed how to make a 'Peeps' bunny garland for Easter. Of course I HAD to make one.

I made it a little differently to the one they show and I only used what I had lying around, didn't even have to leave the house to buy anything...all in a mornings work, lol!

We've been very busy making Easter cupcakes...Liberty loves these, she picks off the little candied chocolate eggs and eats them last.

It's hard to see in the pictures but the frosting is sprinkled with edible food glitter which was sent to me by Jo. Sparkly cupcakes, every little girls dream!

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Happy Easter to you. Love it all. Great pictures. I love the cupcakes....yumm. Thanks so much to you and Liberty for my Easter surprise. I can't wait to find a special place for it. Big Big hugs for all your sweetness. Kim

  2. Love your Easter porch-- so sweet, and I love all the accessories! Those cupcakes you made are beautiful! Love the peeps-- Easter tradition around here! I even have them in miniature! I found them at
    I noticed that this year she also made mini cupcakes topped with little peeps!
    Have a wonderful easter!

  3. Love your mini Easter porch! Your cupcakes look very yummy too.

    Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family Mercedes!
    The porch is so nice, love how you have decorated it with all thos lovely details.. the flowers are lovely, and the shoe nest.. and all!
    Those Easter sweets must be yummy. I've never seen those cupcakes and they look so delicious!!!
    Warm regards,

  5. OOo that looks so lovely!
    The eggs in the basket with bunny so cute! mmm not done much of that decorating this year I best quickly go do some lol
    Happy Easter to you and your family too Mecedes!

  6. Happy Easter!
    Or should I say Hyvää Pääsiäistä!

    Sparkly cupcakes.. love it.
    The shabby porch looks so lovely.. those pansies are perfection.. I need just a little more snow to melt to go and buy pansies for my garden :)

  7. The porch looks great and your house also!!
    The cupcakes are amazing ( it's a pitty you can't send them to me LOL)
    Happy easter

  8. Happy Easter ! I love your porch with all the Easter miniatures.

  9. What fun Mercedes! Everything looks so great. However I fear that there will be no treats for you this year from the Easter bunnt since you broke off the ear of one of his tiny cousins! No doubt with the cupcakes and the Peeps in abundance you won't even notice :) Liberty's a lucky girl receiving such a fabulous ribbon too! Happy Easter to you all.

  10. What a lovely Easter selection of bits you have around your house - you've gone to a lot of effort making it all very Easter-y! I wouldn't mind a cupcake. Happy Easter!

  11. Sparkly cupcakes may be every little girls dream, but this big girl (notice I didn't say old!!!) would also love one!

    Your Easter display is beautiful, so much detail and delight.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    Regards, Linda x

  12. Happy Easter to you! Love your porch.

  13. Wow you are very into Easter Mercedes!I have never realy made a fuss at Easdter , never decorate etc, just do an Easter egg hunt for the children, but looking at all your goodies and the lovely house decorated for the season, I think I should, it looks so pretty! Kate xx

  14. All the details are lovely (minis and real)!!, and the Easter cupcakes ...Mmmm...look delicious!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family, Mercedes :))

  15. A very Happy Easter to you and yours Mercedes. You've been a very busy Bunny..LOL Beautiful decorations at your home and on your little house. Love the little nest cakes, was thinking of making some of them myself, I usually do them with Chocolate frosting.
    Have a wonderful weekend xxxx

  16. Thanks for sharing your Easter fun! Like Kate, I really don't do much around here for Easter....big or little but I REALLY like the Egg Tree that was in one of the photos. Did you make that? ...of course you did.... Are they real eggs? I think it's beautiful. It reminded me of the Egg Tree my mother put up every year when I was little. All hand decorated, blown-out eggs.

    Thanks for the memories!


  17. Hapy Easter!! Everything is so sweet!

  18. Happy Easter!!!
    I love your shabby chic easter decoration.

  19. Oh Mercedes, your Easter decorations in all sizes are adorable!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  20. Happy Easter! Love your little porch!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  21. Happy Easter to you, too. Everything looks so lovely :))

  22. beautiful Easter Minis :o) I am inspired! I also make an Egg tree for Easter but thats the only decoration we have, I think I 'need' a proper cake stand so that we can display our Easter nests and cupcakes too.... they just live in a tupperware box for the few minutes that they last before being devoured LOL

  23. Mercedes, you make every occasion so so special with your creations :). And I didn't know you wear little bunny ear-rings? :) I love the colours and the lights may seem a lot more magical in real life, I sure can feel some of that in your photo :). Happy Easter, dearie :)

  24. Ohhhh this is so cute:) Can you hear me saying it in a very light cute voice;) Just as cute as a baby or a puppy:)..Lol Hope you and your sweet daughter is having a great Easter time.

  25. Happy Easter to you and your family Mercedes! The shabby porch is adorable! You always amaze me :) Peeps make my teeth hurt just thinking about them- but I adore your peeps garland!

  26. Very nice , I like colors of eggs end rabbits .The cake Hummm...

  27. Happy Easter to you and your family Mercedes! Lovely and inspiring photos!

  28. Adorable, adorable! Liberty looks so cute with her bow! I'm running around getting ready for my family to come...I'll talk with ya later!

  29. Lovely Easter setting, really beautiful! And those 1:1 scale cupcakes...well, I'm dribbling in front of my pc!
    Happy Easter :)

  30. Your work is sooo stylish. You have a very good eye, it all just works, in a very natural way.

  31. Mercedes, what a precious little Easter porch and such wonderful spring-time goodies you have gathered! Yes, Peeps are all around us here at Easter time! I have to say I prefer the Reese's peanut butter eggs which are vastly more fattening and rich! LOL! And Liberty is so cute! I posted pix of my Joanna on my blog with the swap items Norma sent us! Hope you can drop by sometime.


  32. Happy Easter, Mercedes. I hope the Easter Bunny brings many goodies for you all.

    The porch looks absolutely wonderful--and I love the cupcakes.


    Peeps are a big thing in the US. I hope you can look at this contest:

    There's a video, too. Maybe next year!

  33. Happy Easter to you too Mercedes! Your porch scene is wonderful. :)
    I love the cupcakes idea and they look delicious.

  34. Peeps are the best! Just ask my kids. :)

    Wonderful photos all. :)

    Have a wonderful Easter. :)

  35. Happy Easter to you and your family too!
    Eat a chocolate bunny for me:)
    I also got some mini Easter eggs at the store yesterday too.
    Have fun over there!!!

  36. Happy Easter greetings from Finland:) Your shabby chic easter decoration is so cute and pretty!
    I love it<3

  37. Happy Easter! The miniature setting is lovely, and so are the full-size decorations. The cupcakes looks so delicious, I wish I had some here right now. :-)

  38. Is all wonderful Mercedes,Happy Easter for you and your family. Best wishes

  39. Deine Osterszene und auch alles andere ist mal wieder wunderhübsch.

    Wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie Frohe Ostern...

    Liebe Grüße aus Germany
    PuNo / Monika

  40. Sorry, but I'm always in late...Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!
    A big hug, expecially for Liberty!!

  41. Happy Easter to you too! What a cheerful blog, I love your front porch scene, garland, cupcakes.... I love everything!!!

  42. hi mercedes!

    how fun that you tried your first peep! so sugary. i once placed a chick-peep into a cup of hot cocoa. looked adorable but tasted horrible.

    adorable post from head-to-toe (just like liberty). LOVE your easterfying and can just imagine how cozy it all looked lit from within.


  43. So cute and lovely photos! Have a nice week!

  44. Unas fotos preciosas. Me gusta todo lo que haceis Libety y tu. Para las dos un premio en mi blog. Besos.

  45. I love Easter!!1 Your shabby porch is the cutest I have ever seen.


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