Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Minis from Auckland to Almere to Paris!

Here's a post 'specially for those who have been wanting to know if I'm still making minis!
I am still making things and hope to be building something new this winter.

I thought you might like to see some of the miniature gifts I made to take to Sylvia, Sabiha and Rosanna when I went to meet them in Almere last year.

Auckland is where I live, Almere is where Sylvia lives and where I was lucky enough to meet with my three European friends.
I'd love a real life one of these blackboards but they're so expensive.
If I can't afford something in 'real life' I usually try and make it in miniature.

I gave each of them a miniature watercolour painting, painted by my mother.

I made tiny suitcases and filled them with books and things from New Zealand.

And I just had to take something rusty so I made some New Zealand kiwi garden stakes.

I also made some French themed minis...

I gave them to Sylvia and Sabiha when we were in Paris.

And now for the wonderful mini gifts I received from my friends...

Syvlia made me the most delicate shawl and a vintage Dutch cooking pot with a special box to store it in.

Sabiha made me the gorgeous boots with matching bag and the spectacular underwear,
along with a little shell dish and rosebud wreath.

And made by Rosanna, the cutest baby basket - if I could have ever asked Rosanna to make me something this would be exactly it!!

Thank you all!


  1. Each piece is already a piece of beauty. However, knowing that they are made in miniature, make me admire them more. I enjoyed lookinhg at each piece especially the crocheted item.

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  3. de très beaux souvenirs des moments partagés grâce à votre passion commune.
    Quand la miniature mène à l'amitié.

  4. Es todo precioso amiga!!! tanto lo que as regalado como lo que as recibido.Bss apretaos!!!

  5. Beautiful miniatures from you and your friends. Sweet souvenirs!

  6. Wonderful Mini gifts for wonderful Mini Friends...xxx

  7. Jedes einzelne Geschenk ist wunderschön... und man sieht, Ihr hattet letztes jahr viel Spaß zusammen.
    Das Tafelregal mit der Blumenkisten ist ein kleines Highlight... und gefällt mir allerdings ganz besonders.

    Schicke ganz liebe Grüße mit uüber den großen Teich

    PuNo / Monika

  8. I´m happy to hear you´re doing miniatures still, because I really still do love your style! :) Those rusty kiwis were adorable, same as that blackboard.

  9. Todo es magnifico!!tus minis y las de ellas!!unos recuerdos muy bonitos!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  10. it's great to have friends like that, and the opportunity to travel.

  11. What fabulous gift exchanges. Mini Hugs, Jean

  12. Beautiful gifts! You are all such talented ladies! I'm looking forward to knowing what your winter project will be, Mercedes!

  13. What wonderful gifts and friends! I love all of the items that were given to you. I am so happy to hear that you will start another project soon....looking forward to it's progress and what it will be!

  14. todas la minis son hermosas !!1

  15. What a lovely miniatures!!!! And all made by the three of you? Marvelous

  16. I am really hoping Sylvia will visit you because she will then stop over where I am, dear Merce :):):). Maybe you can come over here to meet me too?

    Blog world is becoming so real and wonderful. And it is really good to see you blogging and mini making again :).

  17. Each and every item is so special.

  18. It's amazing when you look at a photo and you forget that you are looking at a miniature item because the item is so realistic.

  19. You have a very wonderful blog, I have taken a look as a new follower. Nice to meet you :)!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  20. So happy to see you blogging again....have missed you!!!
    What lovely things that you have made and also, the wonderful gifts that you received!

    Sandi X

  21. New follower here!

    Your minis are so precious! I love the little suitcase!!! I've always wanted to find good suitcases for my girls, so I love seeing ones that are quality!

    The stuff you got in return was just fabulous too!

  22. Beautiful work Mercedes, and also the lovely gifts your friends have given you are all amazing! :-)

    Hugs Jollie

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    Liberty Biberty
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  25. Congratulations. Have a nice day.

  26. Hi there! Love love love your blog! Also love the works of Sabiha and Rosanna. Do either of them have blogs, a website or maybe Facebook? I'd love to see more! Can't wait for your next post..I'll be watching for it! Happy July 4th sweet pea!! Minihugs-

  27. Hi, your blog looks great! :)
    It has been a while sinds I visited.

  28. Dear Mercedes,

    I love your blog, and inspires me.

    It is a pleasure to follow your blog.



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