Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A little scrapbooking...

I needed a card for a friends baby shower.
I thought I would go and buy one (any excuse to go shopping!)...but then I looked at my scrapbooking pile and knew I should make one.
This is the card before it was quite finished...I added a heart shaped paper clip where it says 'this heart belongs to'.
It was fun to go through all my scrapping stuff again...I've had to tell myself I really cannot buy any more scrapbook supplies until I've used what I have here...I do find it hard to resist small pretty things though!
When I was looking for inspiration to make my card I came across the blog Chouxchoux paper art by Lori Hairston.

The day I was there Lori  had a giveaway...so I left a comment and to my great surprise I won!!! The goodies above are what Lori sent me. A little package of scrapbooking gorgeousness! I ADORE that little pink dolly coat hanger! Thank you Lori, I'm a lucky girl!
And a huge Thank You to everyone who left a comment on the Shabby Shed, I'm so thrilled you like it!


  1. Hi Mercedes, the card is just lovely. I have a problem too, I can't resist anything pretty, and I have great ideas (at the time), so the stash just gets bigger....it will be used....sometime:) Great work.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Mercedes! The card is lovely! I also have a huge stash of scrap booking things! Sometimes I just like to go through it for fun! That was a lovely win!

  3. Your gift brought memories flooding back! I had many little hangers, and my father made some clothes racks so all my doll clothes were hung up neatly. My mother made numerous outfits for each of my dolls. When she "dusted" my room, I'd return from school to find all my dolls dressed in different outfits. Thanks for the memories!

  4. Hi Mercedes, it's a beautiful card, very sweet.
    Have a nice day,

  5. That is a gorgeous card - so much more special than a bought one.

  6. Hi Mercedes! I too love paper and collect books of scrapbook pads even though I know I have enough already. It really bugs me though when out of an entire pad that I Don't like, there is perhaps one or two pattern sheets that are Unbelievably Tempting! Not fair, I say!
    Using you stash of paper that is already on hand is not only economical but it gives you an opportunity to rediscover some forgotten treasures and get creative once again as your sweet card so aptly proves! :)



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