Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Miniature Party for One!

When I went to visit Kim she gave me this gorgeous little Bonnie Justice doll as a gift for Liberty.
Luckily Liberty agreed as soon as she saw her that she should reside in the party room above the Patisserie.

I bought the balloons in the USA and attached them to her chair.
All the food in this room was made for us by the super talented Kim!

Rice Krispie Treats!

Cake pops and cookies!
Hmmm...she looks a little lonely...we might have to look for some friends someday!

I always make tissue paper pompoms for the real parties I style so I thought I'd make them for the mini party...they were very fiddly and took far longer to make than the life size ones!

 Isn't she just divine?!

She came with the beautiful chair. 

A peek through the window.
The party girl has found her home!


  1. This is wonderful
    but she s realy need friend.

  2. Liberty's doll is so lovely and she looks wonderful in the room set up for a party. I do think she needs a couple of friends though one day. All Kim's food looks devine. I love the furniture in the room.

  3. I adore Bonnie Justice dolls, they are so gentle, this sweet little girl is no exception, she is precious! Yes, she needs some friends at her party!! My two girls Isabel Ivy and Imogen Iris would love an invitation ;)

  4. hola que de tiempo sin venir por aquí lo siento son problemas de internet,la pequeña es una preciosidad y si que creo que al fin ustedes buscaran algunas amigas para acompañarla, en esa estupenda fiesta
    un abrazo

  5. Beautiful Bonnie Justice's doll! And your miniature party scene is amazing! Great work!

  6. Amazing!!, is lovely girl, i love all!!, congratulations, is very realy wonderful.
    A big kiss.

  7. So cute and pretty, just beyond words.
    Liberty must be on cloud 9 with this room.
    Hugs to you all, Rosanna

  8. That little doll looks very much at home in the party room. The whole scene is amazing, and I do think she needs some little friends to enjoy all the goodies.
    All the best,

  9. A perfect party scene. The doll is so cute.

  10. Wow, what a fabulous scene you have created, it is magical. The doll is just gorgeous, as is everything in the room, Liberty must love it.

  11. La niña es preciosa y el ambiente festivo es maravilloso!!!! Espero que lleguen muchas amigas a la fiesta!!!!!
    Los dulces se ven deliciosos!!!!

  12. A lovely doll and she looks right at home in the party room.

  13. The doll is precious and you have created a very beautiful scene.
    -Lisa :-)

  14. She's gorgeous! And being so cute I'm sure she's not partying alone, just waiting patiently for her friends to arrive :)

  15. I've been back half a dozen times to feast my eyes, the perfect way to pass time whilst flat on my back. I don't want to stop looking at this combination of three great miniature artists work all so beautifully fitting together, every detail seems perfect.

  16. Very lovely room. The doll fits right in. I am wondering if her friends already left or she is waiting for them to come. :-)

  17. Too adorable. Norma's right - it looks like she's waiting for her party guests to arrive!

  18. Okay!!!!! We need more kids at this party. I think I know what I will be adding to your package Lol
    This is so beautiful my friend. You always give us reasons to smile. Big hugs! Missing you! Kim

  19. What a beautiful room and what a gorgeous doll! She definitely needs at Least two friends!!! The food looks delicious.... but you have made a sweet sweet setting for that doll!

  20. This little girl is really a darling and she is perfect in this scene.

  21. Hi Mercedes! This is so precious! But this little girl must be very lonely with no one to share the fun with! Please get her some friends to enjoy all these wonderful goodies with!


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