Wednesday, February 24, 2021

La Maisonnette - La salle de bain

This bathroom is tiny! 
When I first started creating the bathroom I attached it to the wall of the mansard roof. 
But I soon realised it was going to be very difficult to install the shower with it
 attached like that so I removed it. 
Sometimes I really should think things through before I start!

The shower head and pipework is all just made from beads and wire.
I whittled the head of a toothpick to make the shower handle.
Putting it all together was fiddly work!

I bought a sheet of dollhouse tileboard when I visited Kim in the USA many years ago.
 Thankfully I had just enough left to create the walls and floor of the shower.
I've tried not to make it too grungy! 
But to leave it white and sparkly clean just wouldn't look right.
The pics are all from my phone once again and this was amongst the bathroom pics. 
An early morning double rainbow over the back fence. 
That was clearly a good day for making things!

The bathroom isn't finished but I have made a light.
It does have some fancy double doors which I need to take pics of in daylight to show you.

We had a three day lockdown here last week so I had time to start working on a handbasin...
it's a very tight space to fit a handbasin and toilet 
but one day (hopefully soon)  it will all come together!

Thank you all for stopping by here and for your uplifting comments, you really do make my day!


  1. MARAVILLOSO!!! Me encanta ese alicatado, la ducha perfecta, y la habitación incrible.

  2. I love the shower. Especially as you've kept the tile clean but made the grout dirty. That's the one thing you can scrub forever and it won't get clean so it looks perfect!

  3. The shower looks perfect for this space! I love how you put together the piping and the shower head. And that view of the bedroom?? I LOVE the double niches that flank the bed. The whole room is taking on such a romantic feel to it. I would love to have a room like that in real life. So beautiful! - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

  4. You have made the most of the upstairs space and successfully attempted to fit in things that most of us would not believe were even possible! And you've done it beautifully! The shower is absolutely charming. Can't wait for the next posts to see your amazing ability to transform small spaces!

  5. Great use of space and realistic - some of those French bathrooms are very tiny! We had one in a hotel in Paris where my husband couldn’t fit his shoulders between the shower screen and the wall to stand front-on to the basin and mirror. But that is part of the charm and character. Can’t wait to see more progress. I am really enjoying your posts.

  6. Un espacio pequeño pero le has sacado rendimiento. Queda muy bien el alicatado.

  7. Considering the small space, you've done an excellent job with the shower and the white background gives an illusion of space. Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Amazing what you can fit in such a tiny space! I really love the shower head and pipe work - one would never know...
    Anna X

  9. Me encanta cómo está quedando! Los azulejos con el "ensuciado" perfecto y la ducha es genial!!!

  10. Great work!!! I love the shower. I'm looking forward to seeing how the bathroom will be when finished.

  11. You are giving us a lot of inspiration Mercedes! I love to see things made from bits and pieces, thank you. I look forward to your next innovative post. Regards J.

  12. Het ziet er al prachtig uit. Fijn dat we onze hobby hebben om deze moeilijke tijd door te komen. Groeten Xandra

  13. It's those tiny cramped bathrooms tucked under the eaves that are so authentic! In very old buildings they were not built with bathrooms... So I think your tiny one is perfect! The shower looks just like the ones that I have seen from old buildings too! I admire your ingenuity creating it all from wire and beads!!! Keep up the great work! As always, I love what you do! :)

  14. Necessity IS INDEED, the mother of invention- Nicely Done!

  15. Love the DIY plumbing, very effective. It reminds me of the TINY bathroom in a very old Montematre apartment we stayed in in 2017 - I'm sure it was previously a built-in cupboard/pantry, it certainly wasn't any bigger than a decent armoire!! All the plumbing was outside the walls. Tiles are fabulous by the way, and a nice reminder of that special US visit.


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