Wednesday, March 10, 2021

La Maisonnette - that tiny bathroom returns!

 Here we are back in the petite bathroom.
I want to get it finished because I'm tired of trying to figure out what to do in there.
I came up with a handbasin design to embrace my love of rusty enamel
and added a little soap dish to the shower.
I attached the handbasin to a panel of tiles because it was driving me crazy 
trying to attach it directly to the slanted wall.
The tile panel isn't glued to the wall yet, I'm still moving things around.
Here are the rather grand doors I made for the bathroom.

My final headache 'challenge' in here is the toilet. 
I'd rather the toilet was on the other side of the handbasin so it wasn't right in your face when you're looking at the house but...
 then it would be the first thing you see when you open the bathroom door...
which just doesn't seem right either. 
(Forgive the quality of the last couple of pics which were hastily taken at night.)

And then there's the tricky question of pipework and a cistern. Not to mention where I've put the toilet lid - not that it would technically be able to have a lid if it's against the slanted wall.
I'm tired just thinking about it. That's a challenge for another time...there are prettier, less functional, things to be working on!

Thanks for stopping by and any ideas on what to do would be most appreciated!


  1. I think that the toilet in the middle makes more sense. And really, they are a fact of life that cannot be avoided!

  2. Love the worn enamel!
    I see your toilet dilemma - it is hard to tell from the photos, but is there room between the door and the front of the house on the straight wall?

  3. It is looking fantastic, love the realism in the room.

  4. Could you put the toilet on the left with a little privacy half wall at the front of the house?
    Love the doors and hand basin!

  5. Seeing the toilet as one enters the room wouldn't be a big deal if it were my room, especially since this isn't a modern house. If I lived there, it would be expected that the toilet be in an awkward place. As far as looking at it from the front of the house, isn't that where a "real" wall would be because we can't actually see in the house. Hope that makes sense. I love love love the basin!

  6. The problem is thinking. Stop it! It's perfect the way it is without having to make functional sense. Throw some pretty stuff in there and let the mysteries be pondered by the viewers. Like you said, you've got more important things to move on to. Besides, it's brilliant!

  7. Overthinking can sometimes take the joy out of working with miniatures...been there and done that! The colours and design of this bedroom and bathroom are very pretty so please enjoy what you have created! Cheers, Alayne

  8. I would put the toilet on the left side front flat wall with a plant of some kind just to sort of cover up but not completely. We had a slanted roof in our real bathrm and were always ramming our heads into it. Lol. Luckily your "little" people won't have that problem.

  9. As much as I agree with several of the comments that suggest you move the sink back in front of the doorway then move the toilet to the flat wall, I really loved Jodi's comment!! You can always count on Jodi to boil any "problems" down to the simple truth: do want makes you happy and everything else will fall in place! So far it looks fabulous no matter which way you cut it! - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

    1. I'm with the Herring Choker (and therefore Jodi) on all counts!
      Can't wait to see the whole floor when you're done!
      Shelly the Blue Noser (Nova Scotia, Canada). :)

  10. If one half of the double doors stays closed the toilet would only be seen from the front.
    Hugs, Drora

  11. Jodi's got it right - it's the overthinking that's the problem, not the toilet :) Personally I'd much prefer it opposite the door than in it being in prime position for the viewer from the outside. I quite like Drora's idea too that if it's bothering you too much that it's visible from the bedroom when the doors are open just shut one of the doors - problem solved lol. Alternatively leave it out all together and pretend it's in an outhouse in the yard ;) The door and sink are absolutely adorable by the way!!!!!

  12. It is never easy to make a room that is little. I am making a toilet in my beach house and finally I decided that they should not have a shover. But you have solved it out fine. Very good work
    Hugs, Britt

    1. Britt, you just reminded me! My Daughter in Law's folks have a beach house where space isn't really an issue, but they decided to put their shower outdoors anyhow! They all love showering outside! Just a simple wooden stall attached to the back of the house!

  13. Great doors for the bathroom. In the bathroom I loce the lamp and soap dish. I wonder where you'll decide to put the toilet.

  14. Pues da una vuelta más a la posición , pero lo pongas donde lo pongas el baño está genial. Has conseguido un baño encantador en un sitio muy pequeño. Las puertas son muy bonitas.

  15. Any chance the toilet will fit on the bit of left-side wall at the front? You could put a little curtain beside the toilet (between it and the door) for privacy and pull it back with a tieback so it doesn’t block the view too much. My only other suggestion is a kneewall on the sloping side. Don’t stress too much. You’ll work it out! There is always a solution.

  16. In an old house one expects the bathroom to be a bit makeshift. I think it looks great the way it is.

  17. Me gusta su aspecto, una casa antigua con un baño perfecto para ella!!

  18. Good Morning Mercedes, It is always fun to try and resolve a “difficulty” and always fun to hear the suggestions of others interested in same.
    Would you consider adding a half wall with a full-paned wall sized window above to enable the toilet to sit on the presently open side of your build.

    The window would be reminiscent of a French atelier studio. It would enable you to see into the bathroom and keep the sink in the doorway.
    I can see there is not enough room on the flat wall , left side, to put the toilet unless you rebuilt the doors ...... NO!

    You will resolve all wonderfully as usual. Thank you for sharing your work with us I do enjoy seeing your posts.
    Regards Janine in BC Canada

  19. Hi Mercedes! Tiny bathrooms like this are never easy! But the charm comes from making the space quirky and functional to our imaginations! I love the idea of a low wall across the open front with a window into the room... so the view in is through the window (like it would be in RL) and the toilet mostly not visible due to the wall. Space is still tight... but we all love looking in through the doors and windows... I can't wait to see what you decide! This is such a charming space!

  20. Put the toilet in the viewer's face. The dollhouse people will thank you if they don't need to look on it when they open the door. And should you wish to take pretty pictures of the room later, you wouldn't need to worry about the toilet peeking through the door. That said, when I was little we lived in an old house. The front door opened on a long passage, with the bathroom right at the end. And when the bathroom door was open, you looked directly on the toilet. I wonder how many times my mother shouted at us to close the door when we left the bathroom. Really nasty when it's the first thing visitors are greeted by when you open the front door.
    The little half wall or a pot plant in front of the toilet if there is space makes sense. Otherwise, how about a floor standing towel rail with some towels draped over it. Just stick the lid on the toilet and let the little people worry about how they're going to get it to stay up, ha ha. You could also leave it closed and put a stack of towels or something down on top of it to distract real life viewers.


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