Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Let's take a look at the Farmhouse bathroom...

 Thank you all so much for your fantastic feedback and ideas regarding La Maisonnette bathroom. 
It was all very helpful and I'm still thinking things over and reading your suggestions again and again. 

Here are some pics of the Farmhouse bathroom. 
It's become one of my favourite rooms, which is funny because I don't care much about real life bathrooms at all. 
Since I last showed you this room (years ago I know!) I've moved the linen cupboard from the hallway - where it could only be seen through a window -  into the bathroom.

Here's the vintage lavabo on the left wall, I've recessed it into the wall just because I wanted some grungy tilework in there. Ha!

I saw a real life bath with an old board across it like that...some things just scream out to be made in miniature.

I'd seen pictures of vintage Hungarian baby baths on the web. I don't know why they're always Hungarian! 
Then when I was on holiday here in New Zealand a couple of summers ago I saw one in an antique shop in a tiny country town.
Of course I had to make a mini one.
That laundry basket is one of the wonkiest things I've ever made. It's very flexible! 

Now those of you who have keen observation skills may have noticed something missing in this bathroom...
'Oh, yes!' I hear you say 'The toilet'...
I must have something against toilets I guess. The loo in here always annoyed me so I just removed it. So far no one has asked where it is. But I'm going to pretend it's under the stairs in the hallway. One day I'll make a door in the hallway and say that's where it is! Problem solved!!!

And for those of you who asked about putting the loo on the other wall in the Maisonnette. 
I have tried it there. It is an option as there's just enough room for it...
but then I thought too much about the pipework. LOL!!!
Decades I ago I lived in a very old building in the city and the loo was outside (fun times!!) those of you who suggested's not a bad idea!!!
And those of you who suggested I stop thinking about it, for now that's what I'll do. 
So next weeks blog post - I promise no bathrooms.

Have a fun week!


  1. The bathroom floor is absolutely gorgeous - how did you achieve that effect?

  2. Magnificent work again,Mercedes!!! Wow! I am falling in love with all your miniatures!!!

  3. Ahhhh... Shabby bliss! The bathroom is stunning, even if you do have to go outside to wee. :O)
    I love the linen cabinet in the bathroom and the plumbing in the hall! The best thing about old houses are the quirky little details, and you have captured the charm in every one!

  4. My husband makes miniature diorama (military)and now train sets including all buildings and internal and did not realise that your work was miniature I love it and so did he

  5. Que maravilloso ha quedado el baño, me encanta, absolutamente precioso!! Me gustan todos los detalles y ese aire antiguo y usado es muy especial. Gran trabajo!!!

  6. Great fun to revisit the farmhouse bathroom. Great idea to move the linen cupboard so it can be enjoyed. Loving the Hungarian baby bath! As for the loo in the tiny maisonette I'm sure you'll come up with something you can live with. I was surprised to hear a while ago that there are several miniaturists, some very well known (but don't ask me for names, they went in one ear and out the other!), who never put toilets in their bathrooms so you'd be in good company if you give it the boot :)

  7. This bathroom is a sheer delight with all its rustic and beautiful shabbiness! My particular favourite is the linen cupboard and so pleased it can now be seen in its full glory with its present placement. There is little that can be done to make the toilet a lovely part of a is just a somewhat necessary piece! Like your idea of putting it in a separate place!

  8. ¡¡¡Guauuu!!!Me dejas sin palabras. Me encanta el baño Farmhouse.

  9. This shabby bathroom is simply incredible. I love the rusty details.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Your bathroom is fantastic with plenty of gorgeous details. I love the linen cupboard and the hungarian bath. The colours are great.

  11. Hi Mercedes! I'm glad to see you put the linen cupboard where it could be admired fully! And the details in this room are just amazing! I love the wooden board on the tub.... and that laundry basket is amazing! You need to do a tutorial on that !!! I love to see your work in the blog world again! :):)

  12. Your bathroom is just wonderful......forget about the toilet!

  13. What a pretty bathroom Mercedes! What a great idea to move the linen press into the room where it can be suitably admired. The baby bath is gorgeous, but wonky or not, I have completely fallen in love with your laundry basket (who would have thought it was possibly to fall in love with a laundry basket? - anyway..)
    I am with Robin - forget about the toilet inside the house.
    Anna X

  14. Mercedes, how sweet is your bathroom! In have the same problem in the casa Rossa, I want a toilet in my bathroom but I can't decide where I want it 😂 and I can't pretend that it's somewhere else, there's no empty space!

  15. Once again you just hit it out of park! I think you need a pod cast and show how you create these amazing things!! Amazing doesn’t begin to discribe how you make things look so spot on!


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