Thursday, September 30, 2021

Drink anyone?!

Every now and then a random idea pops into my head of something La Maisonnette needs.
At the beginning of lockdown (6 weeks ago now) I thought I should make a drinks trolley.
It turned out to be one of the most frustrating things I've ever tried to make.
The whole thing kept twisting out of shape and it was always leaning forwards.
 In the end I had to pull it apart and remake it.

It's now been standing up straight for weeks! 
But because there's no reason to hurry during a lockdown I have only just set it up with drinks.
Now, I'm no drinker so the labels on the pink bottles are just random labels, I don't even think they're wine labels. But when I found I had a green bottle...well...I've watched Moulin Rouge the movie enough times to know I needed a bottle of absinthe in there!

The big challenge now is finding the right place to put it.
Here it is to the left of the fireplace. 
If it stays there it can't be seen when you're looking in the house from the outside...and it's very hard to photograph there!

Here it is to the right of the fireplace.

Not easily viewed there either.

How about near the dining table?

By the stairs?

Next to the couch?
Tricky to photograph there too, makes it look wonky!

Let me know your thoughts on where it should go!

This is how it looks most of the time 😂
Anyone else knock things over all the time?!?!

The other thing I made months ago is the coffee table.

I seem to be obsessed with the antique gold finish on things in this house.

That's not a mirror in it, it's 'glass'.

The outside of the house is now finished! 
A major accomplishment - hooray for lockdown! Pictures coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by here, let me know your thoughts on where that drinks trolley should go.


  1. The drinks trolley is inspired! Love it and the coffee table. The trolley certainly looks good in the corner by the fireplace but if it can't be seen that's a shame. I guess you're just going to have to keep moving it around as the mood takes you. Looking forward to seeing the work you've been doing on the outside.

  2. Your trolley is too cute, Mercedes and I love how you have a matching coffee table. Very stylish!
    It seems such a shame to tuck it away in a corner. Would it fit under the stairs, next to the chest - or is that too cluttered? It would be a handy spot and easy get to.

  3. I love your drink cart. It matches your gorgeous coffee table. Maybe by the couch?

  4. Both pieces are splendid! Your persistence really paid off! As for where to put it... I liked the right side of the fireplace best, but in real life, it might be placed wherever needed. So I say keep it moving in every photo! Can't wait to see what creative genius you've applied to the outside!

  5. I like it to the right of the fireplace. In a RL house that is likely where it would be stored. It is a cart so you can roll it out for special occasions and keep the bottles on the base and extra surface for a tea party beside the table.
    You will have fun changing it seasonally if so desired. Take for posting. Regards J

  6. Realmente es precioso al igual que la mesa de café, su lugar ideal es al lado de la chimenea, pero efectivamente no luce como debiera,por lo que será divertido moverlo de vez en cuando!!!

  7. Great drink trolley, a perfect match with the coffee table. I like it on the right of the fireplace or next to the couch, however my favourite is the former.

  8. Yo lo veo a la derecha de la chimenea.

  9. Oooo so cute! My thought on placement: the photo of it to the right of the fireplace; what if you just moved it forward, out of the corner, towards the sofa? Perhaps it’s evening and the inhabitants have just sat down for a Friday night drink?

  10. Hi Mercedes! I Love your little drinks cart!! It is so sweet.... enchanting, really! I think the back corner by the fireplace makes the most sense... maybe pulled forward as Shannon suggests! It would be one of those things you see when you look closer and discover that detail... so perfect! And as Janine suggests, roll it out and decorate seasonally for festivities! The little coffee table is also wonderful and suits the decor perfectly! You have really made this apartment enchanting!

  11. I simply adore the drinks tray! Such an original idea. Not being a drinker either, mine would end up with books or knitting on it. I would park it next to the fireplace, handy to pull out when you have visitors or it’s the cocktail hour.


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