Thursday, September 16, 2021

La Patisserie - the renovation

Well, this lockdown started out being two weeks then it was extended to four weeks and now we're into week five!! I've been working most days on getting this little project finished. 
This is the third and FINAL transformation of this room.

I still love that Rossevelt Rose wallpaper but the time has come to change this room completely and make it look more like it belongs with the two floors above in the maisonette. 

I didn't rip the wallpaper out, I've just covered it up - in case I change my mind again one day, so if someone in the future renovates it they'll find the original paper like in a real reno! 
The ceiling is staying as is. It's vintage tin looking scrapbook paper.

As you can see in the first pic there is a hole in the right wall where there used to be a door. 
I was thinking I could cover it up or put another door there or a window then suddenly - brainwave - it became the perfect spot for a built-in cupboard.
So I built a cupboard!

I decided to panel the walls in a similar style to the room upstairs in the maisonette.
And I added a wall inside the front door to make the space less of a box.

And then...
those of you who come here often will know that I just had to build a glass wall somewhere!

The Farmhouse has a couple of them and the maisonette kitchen has one and I thought this one would make the perfect cosy nook for a couple of cafe tables.

The fact that things fit together is always a miracle!
I've told you before measuring isn't one of my strengths.

I really wanted to paint the walls white but I have no white paint left. I've left it too long to use and it's all gone hard and lockdown means I can't buy any so I had to use an off white colour which I am now thrilled with!
The floor...I have no wood to make a floor with and I went through my vast collection of scrapbook paper but there was nothing suitable. 
This flooring is some vintage wallpaper. It's grown on me and it's the perfect colour with the walls.
I'm hoping it looks like a painted floor. 

I added a scrap of the orignal wallpaper in the drawer as a nod to the past!

So the next step is to make I said I need two cafe tables in there, making two of anything is always a challenge. I don't even want to think about chairs.

Now the light was a challenge. Once I knew what I wanted there I set about making it.
 It took three attemps to get it right. 💃 I don't give up easily!!

There is also a light in the glassed in space but I don't have a pic of it. It's close to the ceiling so it can't be seen as I didn't want it to compete with the stained glass window.

I've finished all the lighting - and it works!
There you can see the other light in the patisserie.

I'm also finishing off lots of fiddly little things that no one will notice - the annoying things that take so much time.

Now I'm working on finishing the exterior - stairs are needed to get into the maisonette. I cannot say that I like making stairs. Frustratingly I have run out of the paint I used on the exterior and there is one wall unpainted.

Our lockdown level is supposed to change onTuesday at midnight.
As I work in a school that means I'll have to go to in from Wednesday to help supervise the children of essential workers. So I'm trying really hard to get this building finished in the next few days.
Don't ask me how I'm going to get to work by 8:30am when I've barely been awake by then during lockdown!

Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous! I love how the lights look.

    Maybe you could brick one unpainted side? Like someone painted or stuccoed over brick on the others and didn't on that one wall?

  2. Yet another fabulous revamp! The rose wallpaper was very cute and it is such a nice idea to leave it under the new chic paneling and I just love how you manage to let the 'old' room be part of this new décor.
    Happy 'back to work'
    Anna x

  3. Just amazing as always !
    I am loving the lights. I am thinking of doing to the house under reno using the electric tape. Is that what you used?
    Wow being on lockdown again would be great in my life so I could stay home and work on my project. Lol
    But in all seriousness …Ugh this is new normal is no fun :(

  4. Love the lights! The new paneling and the wallpaper are beautiful too. Great Great work again, Caroline !!!

  5. I love how you manage to change things and what you've done with this room is wonderful. Great structure, and the lights are perfect.

  6. ¡Genial como has resuelto la habitación!. Muy buena la iluminación.

  7. Absolutely love the built in cupboard! It could not be a more perfect way to fill in a door! The shop space is so full of character and I love your vision for the layout! Great work!

  8. What an exciting reno Mercedes, everything is so clever!

  9. I love the nook and the cupboard. I'm surprised to hear you're in lockdown, I thought you were doing well.

  10. This reno is pure perfection- you have super amazing creative powers!!!!


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