Friday, September 8, 2023

Farmhouse Bathroom

Yep! It's me!! 
I'm still here making things.

I've just made the little cabinet on the bathroom wall there.

Inspiration came from this picture in an old magazine.
Some things are just asking to be made in miniature!

All I used to create the cabinet was cardboard and toothpicks.

The drawer handle is also cut from paper.

I happened to have a test pot of house paint in a similar colour to the real life cabinet.

Yes...the drawer opens!

Saturday morning there was a little beam of sunlight there in the bathroom...happiness!


  1. I love the old look of the bathroom! Very cozy! Hugs Britt

  2. Lovely work as always! It's great to see you are still making minis. I love how you even got the floral fabric lining just so. And yay for rays of sunshine! :)

  3. So very cute! I do believe I should try to build with cardboard, as I am a disaster with wood! So glad to see this post- I do love your blog! And I went out and bought Daphne's Diary to see the feature about you, I was so proud for you :)

  4. So cute bathroom, Mercedes! Love the colors, the baby bath, all the accessories... great work as always!

  5. Nice job on the cabinet - Love the soft pastel color combo of this room!

  6. Muy bonito. ¡Es baño está precioso!

  7. I'm amazed. The cabinet is perfect for the space and if you put it side by side with the picture, I would be convinced that you'd simply photographed the cabinet you built.


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