Thursday, February 5, 2009


Finally the kids are back at school and kindy. I can hear George Michael singing "Freedom" in my head and it sounds oh so sweet!

This little summerhouse is where I'd like to be (it's a stinkin' hot summer here at the moment) but alas it's only about 15cm (almost 8 inches) tall. At the miniatures club we're each going to make a little garden to go by the old porches we built (see my Christmas post). We're not starting the actual garden until our next meeting but I couldn't wait to make this to go in it. It's not quite finished (is anything?!) I still haven't decided what should go on the roof, shingles, slate or rusty iron. The garden is supposed to be derelict! But then again so was the porch. I think mine is best described as 'lived in and loved derelict'.

I made the little table last night. The platter of food my friend bought me in Thailand, it's so detailed. There's a little box of scorched almonds for after lunch.

Here's the little wall shelf I made. The blue bowl is just a bead. The candlestick holder was made by one of the club members it's made from a giant dome. The wooden bowl is an acorn cup, I remember making a whole dinnerset out of those when I was a kid. I drew flowers on the flat ones for dinner plates.

Thanks for lookin'! If there are any other miniaturists with blogs out there please leave me a comment so I can find you!



  1. Thanks for following my blog. Welcome. I love your little summerhouse. Great job. To find other miniaturist click on followers in my blog and then click on followers in their blogs. It will lead you to a lot.

  2. Mercedes, this is just beautiful! I also checked out your Christmas porch and your house pics! Beautiful! I can see we have similar tastes! I get my stuff on the internet - many places. All I do is search search search and bookmark every page of interest. You never know when you might want to go back and view/purchase something. I also handpaint almost everything - it makes a huge difference. I am on a different computer right now, but if you want some links, let me know!

  3. Mercedes, I love your little Summer House. Beautiful Work.

  4. Mercedes if you go to my Mini Link page I have hundreds of links on there.

  5. I'm not a minaturist but used to be as a child. I had an amazing dollhouse that I still dream of using again one day. I really enjoyed your tiny little summer retreat, it is so charming!

  6. Hi Mercedes, I was just reading your blog when I saw that you have left a comment on mine! THANK you for reading and giving me your feedback. I really enjoy looking at the details of your summer house. Your cushions, the furniture, glasses of lemonade and everything, they are gorgeous. I will pop by regularly to see what you have done and I hope you come by my blog too :). By the way, I saw that Shannon has already given you the blog award but I will give you one too (same). Will do a small write up of your blog on Day 20 of mine by tonight. San

  7. It is a wonderful summerhouse, beautiful!!

    greatings Sylvia

  8. I love it,it's adorable and would have never thought to make one for my little dollhouse world. Now I have to mentally add that to my long list of wants.
    Smi;les, Sue


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