Friday, February 13, 2009

Little pretties!

I'll start by clarifying this isn't a post about miniatures. My dear friend Frederica always gets confused when people switch from minatures to 'real life' LOL!!

I was in one of my favourite shops in the city the other day, it's called 'Japan - We sell everything $3' except now there's an economic decline everything is $3.40! They sell almost anything you can imagine there, it's a great place to rummage, it's so jammed packed with stuff. Anyway, I saw these gorgeous little mugs there and I commented to my friend that I was sure I had some scrapbooking paper that looked a bit like that. I bought the cups and came home to find that I had the exact same design on my scrapbook paper! How amazing is that! The scrapbook paper came in a pack of 'Dena's Closet' and I bought it in Australia about two years ago.
I used the paper for Liberty's second birthday scrapbook pages. Unfortunately I only have a little square of it left now 'cos it would have been funny to have been able to make coasters to match the cups.
And Emma I can almost hear you saying, "Only YOU could find those cups"!
Hope you've all had a great day!

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  1. fularchLovely cups,
    lovely cushions and lovely blog. I'm glad I've found You. Greetings from Italy. Rosanna


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