Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gifts from Finland!

Just look at the pretty mail that arrived in letter box on a cold and frosty Saturday. I have just done a swap with Tuulia and she sent us the most beautiful package of goodies! Tuulia's specialty is those gorgeous crocheted hats. But she sent us so many other things. There was a little fabric covered box with Liberty's name on it and inside was that cute string of tiny Finnish flags, the little blue hat and a teensy diary and some tiny stickers. That diary is beautifully made. And then there was the pretty fabric and that gorgeous tiny basket. But look at this!!! A beautiful pink cake with a gorgeous rosebud on top and the smallest sweetest Baboushka doll. Even hubby was amazed by the beauty of that tiny Baboushka - just 1.5cm tall - handpainted by Tuulia. The detail on it is astonishing!

Thank you Tuulia!



  1. Another parcel of beautiful miniatures. The little Russian Doll is divine..x

  2. Oh to die for , that Russian doll!!!

  3. I am so happy that my letter arrived safely! I just love to paint those Russian dolls. I first carved a little piece of wood and then comes the fun part: painting!! Hope you'll find a place for it!

  4. Good day from America! I wanted you to know I just have "tagged" you for the pick six. I find your blog an interesting and fun read. I also wrote a little about your blog on my blog today and included a link to your's. The pick six idea is for you to mention my blog in your blog, and then to pick six other blogs you like along with six things you like. I cheated and included the link to your site as well.

  5. Mercedes how lucky with the parcels!!! They are so pretty and the Russian dolls are!!! wow, wow,
    Mini hugs


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