Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Master Bedroom

Now, I know I have shown you this room before but there have been some major changes since then. I just took this pic this morning and I've just noticed there's a little tree in there at the back of the stairs, my niece has been playing in here! Firstly, the stairs - you can see in this before picture the stairs were in a rather bad state when I got the house. I bought a new set of stairs but Anne (who helped me with the wiring) thought they would look better all faced with kauri (a native New Zealand wood which we buy in various thicknesses for making our minis). I would still be sitting here years from now wondering what to do about the stairs if I hadn't had Anne's help. She even made a nicer rail for the stairs. The other major change is the shelves behind the bed. In order to have somewhere to hide all the wiring I needed to have a chimney going up through the middle of the house, it was an absolute brainwave from Anne to add the shelves in there to give it more character. And there's nothing I like more than having shelves to fill, (just ask my hubby, my obsession with 'stuff' drives him nuts in the real house lol!). The lights in this room were made by a lady at our club, the shade is a jewelery making thing and she makes porcelain flowers and sticks them on. The one in the ceiling unfortunately gets knocked around a bit. There's my sweet little Finnish kitty hiding under the stairs, a gift from Hanna. Rosanna's basket from Italy is at the top of the stairs. This beautiful painting is an original painted for me by my very talented little sister, Narina. She usually paints enormous pictures of little girls, they are stunningly beautiful. This chair I made from a kit that came with a magazine but I covered it with my own fabrics, the flowers in the vase I learned to make at our club, sorry Jane, there's nothing realistic about them! The sweet little hot water bottle I bought at our last show two years ago, it was my one expensive purchase back then...I spent quite a bit more this year!And here is the most beautiful shelf that Sylvia made for me. The Paris tin is a little metal mini I painted. The perfume bottles are all made from beads and that gorgeous tiny Eiffel Tower was a gift from Sans in Singapore. I made the picture and little tassel at the last minute before the show because I needed something to hang there. The box on the floor came from Marlies, she had gifts in it for Liberty which I've cleverly managed to borrow! Here's the little bedside cabinet I made at the club, I still have to put a handle on the drawer, what is it with me and handles? lol! Notice the wardrobe still has no handle either. The beautiful tea cup and teensy spoon was a gift from Katie in America. I scanned an Eiffel tower postcard Sylvia sent me from France and miniaturised it, on the floor is a letter and a brochure for a cruise, along with a packet of Sealegs (travel sickness pills) Sans, I can almost hear you thinking up a story. The little trinket box with the Angels on the lid I made. The bottom is a bead and the Angel lid was a nose or belly button stud (I wouldn't know the difference between the two!) I got at the $2 shop, I thought $2 was a bit much for something that small! lol! The beautiful jar of flowers I bought in Melbourne, it came with the little 'Miss you' sign, they were rather pricey (by my standards!) but I couldn't resist! Sometimes you've just got to treat yourself!

Thank you all for the lovely comments you leave me, you really make my day! If you leave me a question I do try to email as soon as I can, sometimes life just gets in the way!

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  1. Mercedes, it is just PERFECT!!

    All those details, wonderful.

    Love Sylvia

  2. I do not know from where I'd start; the stairs are perfect, the wood is beautiful and all the others details.... you leave me speechless. I could rob it from you.I truly love it.PS the shelves are a gorgeous idea, will you lend me Anne for a while?

  3. Love this room-- every little detail! Love,love,love the built-in shelves AND the goodies displayed on them! Oh! Love the bedding also! What a wonderful room!

  4. I love your blog, your dollhouse is so, so beautiful!!!!
    hugs from Portugal

    PS: I also have the same problem with my husband LOL with all the stuff I want to put in the same place.

  5. Wow! This room is exquisite. What sets your house apart from everything I've seen before is that it looks lived in, and nothing looks like it was made with human scale items. Even the way your curtains drape looks real, as if you've used fabric woven at 1:12 scale. Absolutely breathtaking, I look forward to seeing your next post!
    PS Your photography is brilliant too, these could be shots for House and Home!

  6. Mercedes, what can I say!!!! It's beautiful and looks like a real room!!! Everything is perfect and on it's place!!! Absolutely a perfection of room!!!

  7. Perfect and cosy and lovely room!!! I love those details!

  8. It's a really GREAT work! Congrats.

    Best regards,

  9. I really cannot believe this is the "not quite done" house, my dear..lol. With all these "perfect" remarks, how can one improve on this anymore? But I know you, you will be able to create more magic. I will be admiring the same house, 2 years from now, with no less oohs and ahhhhs.

  10. LOL...I have a list...You ready??

    *Love the curtains in there!!
    *Giggling~ You have a hottie on the bed, hahaha!!
    *Love the little kitty hiding behind the stairs~ Has Liberty named it yet?? The cat has to have a name, lol!!!
    *LOVE the paintings by your sister..I've seen other ones around your site, and have always loved her style, didn't know it was your sister that painted them! WOW!!
    *I'm not so good with handles either, lol.....I have thought about using some earring studs before?
    *And I learned this past year that Ginger will help you with Travel sickness, too!!! Yup, Ginger! I took ginger pills, but they also make ginger chews.

    Thanks for sharing!!! Makes me want to finish Cora's house!!! :)

  11. Mercedes,can I come and live there
    in your beautiful mini house?

    It is perfect,I love all the beautiful details and there is so much to see...thank you for sharing!!


  12. This room is beautiful-you have an amazing sense of style. I think my favorite might be the built in bookshelves by the bed- but everything is just so pretty so it's hard to choose.

  13. Wow...I dont' know where to start either...it is all so wonderful.

    If I had to pick one thing it would be the built in shelves...they really add something to the room.

  14. Wow, where to start? The room is absolutely beautiful and so cozy looking . . . that chair looks just right! LOL!!

    I love the idea of the shelves behind the bed . . . Anne is a genius!

    Life is in the details . . . and there's a lot of life in that room! Well done!

  15. Que habitacion mas bonita parece tan real,felicidades saludos Auxi

  16. ....another BEAUIFUL room Mercedes, so many lovely little details....!!

  17. oh WOW!!! What more can I say. This room is wonderful! Every little detail is so perfect. This is my type of room, so warm and cosy. I would love to have it in real life. I also like the way you photograph it bit by bit. I need to learn some pointers from you. You make the room come to life.

  18. Looks amazing Liberty! Well done! So many cute details but not too many that it looks unnatural. Love it!

  19. Mercedes I've been playing major catch up with everyone's blog's today and boy had I missed loads on yours. Everything is stunning. Loved the Noah ark bedroom as well..xx

  20. You've left me speechless. :-)


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