Friday, October 9, 2009

The cutest mail!

Well, I have certainly been spoiled with the mail this week. Just look at the wonderful surprise that arrived from England yesterday!

These little cuties were sculpted by my friend Jo at Salt and Pepper. Jo is just beginning to build an 'Arthur' dollhouse. She usually makes larger versions of these elves but is trying her hand at mini dollhouse sized ones.

I'm still marvelling over this little guy - only 1 inch tall and so beautifully painted!

Jo also sent me this lovely wallpaper and some siding strips to play with...but for now I'm just too busy staring at that little guy!
Make sure you pop over to Jo's blog. Jo is super-multi-talented and takes the most wonderful photos!
Thank you Jo!


  1. Hee Hee! How fun to see them on your end of the world! I love how blogging has opened so many new windows to the world for me, meeting so many talented and generous people. I may have to make a few more of those elves...Christmas is just around the corner!

  2. The elves are really beautiful. Thanks to you I discovered Jo's blog. As you said there are beautiful photos.

  3. Ohhhh they are so cute! I love little gnomes and elves, lucky you!

  4. You lucky gal!
    I love Jo's little elves :)

    I need to get an email out to you... I think we should agree on advent calendar details :D

  5. It is so beautiful!!!what a lovely present!

  6. WOW! Those are cute! I need to go 7 check out her blog. :)

  7. These little elves makes me want to giggle in glee..well done Jo!

  8. WOW, they are amazing, so little and perfect, wonderful!!

    Enjoy them,

    Love Sylvia

  9. Hi Mercedes!!

    The Elves are so cute!!



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