Friday, October 2, 2009

Published in Miniaturas!!

This has to be one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in my life. My dollhouse and miniature garden have been published in the October issue of the Spanish magazine Minaturas.

This pic is the first two pages which open out and...
Ta daaa! My dollhouse is a four page centrefold! LOL!!!
Click on the pics to enlarge them.

My copy of the magazine hasn't arrived here yet but I asked my friend Meli in Spain to send me pics to show me my work in the magazine. And there was even more than I expected, what a wonderful surprise!!
I'm so overwhelmed, who would have thought that little old me sitting here at the bottom of the world having fun with a dollhouse would one day be published!
Many thanks to Madelva from Miniaturas who made this happen.
And for those of you who have been wondering even though my name is very Spanish there is not a drop of Spanish blood in me and I do not speak any Spanish!


  1. Hello famous lady!!!!!!
    It is wonderful and so exciting!!!
    Congratulations, you earned it!

    Love Sylvia

  2. Great gorgeous fantastic!!!!!!!I am absolutely happy for you!!! You have worked hard with lots of fantasy and sooooo good. BRAVA !!!

  3. It is wonderful Mercedes, it all looks so, Perfect!!!
    Congratulations, so well deserved!!

    Linda x

  4. Congratulations Mecedes!
    Im so happy for you!
    How exciting to be in a magazine!!
    That is wonderful!

  5. Congratulations Mercedes!
    And well deserved, you're house and garden are fabulous!

  6. It looks fantastic Mercedes. And how awesome to have four pages!!! I look forward to getting my copy of the mag! (Just wish I could read it!!)

  7. Congratulations, and how beautifull they have set it all out in the magazine. You dont speak spanish???, I have been sitting here trying to work out the translation from my school days spanish lol Kate xx

  8. Congratulations!!!!
    I will buy it today!! This is a great success. But I am nor surprised because your minis are wonderful :)It is well deserved
    Yes, it is true, mercedes is a Spanish name and She is the Patron Saint of the city of Barcelona (bank holiday on 24th September with a lot of city festivals)

  9. Congratulations ,it's a fantastic report about your miniature work .All your talent is shown on this pages,you can be very proud !!!Jeannette

  10. How wonderful! I'm so happy for you!
    Fun to see your beautiful creations published! Congratulations!

  11. It? wonderfull! Congratulations!!!

  12. Yeah!! What great news!! Congratulations!! I am so very happy for you.

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  14. Sorry, about removing the above post. I wasn't concentrating or my computor is playing tricks with me!!

    What I wanted to say is...

    It is a fantastic house and you deserve to be in a magazine. Congratulations.

    Julia x

  15. I am not surprised your house and all your beautiful work is published.
    All the magazines would be proud to show your work too because you put so much creativity and love into everything. But its isn't just that, you also put a soul into them as if the mini world is real.
    It's what makes your work stand out.
    You bring life to everything!

  16. Congratulations to beeing published. You really deserve it!

    /Eva J

  17. WOW, Congratulations, isn't it exciting to see yourself in print! And something to pass onto your little ones to brag about Momma! Hehe!I am happy for you, I just love your blog and visit everyday! Keep up the good work!

  18. Yeah for you!! Congrats!!

    I'm a new follower, and have loved everything I've seen! You deserve it!


  19. Congratulations Mercedes!!!!!!!!
    I agree with everyone here- well deserved! You are an excellent artist- how exciting and fun!

  20. How exciting Mercedes! Well done, it must be so awesome to see your house displayed in such a fabulous way! The pics look great all together like that ;-)

  21. What a beautiful article and so well deserved. Congratulations, Mercedes!

  22. Yeppieee!! BRAVO for such a great success, you deserve it, your minis are wonderful.

  23. Mercedes, my congratulations for your publications and I have to pass also the congratulations from the people of the Spanish miniatures forum!!!
    Can't find more words to your works!!!
    Love Meli

  24. How fun!
    I'm excited for you!!

    Centerfold... snort...

  25. Congratulations Mercedes!!! Well deserved. Your house and your minis are fantastic and should be recorded for more to see.

  26. Acabo de comprar Miniaturas y.... sorpresa !!! alli estabas Mercedes con Liberty, me ha hecho mucha ilusion ver las FANTASTICAS fotos de tus maravillosos trabajos. Enhorabuena!!!

    Love Alicia

  27. Muchisimas felicidades por la publicación, sin duda te lo mereces por esos trabajos tan fantasticos.

  28. Congratulations Mercedes!!!!

    This is just great! No wonder they wist to publish your miniatures, they are magical and wonderful and precious!

    Here's some virtual champagne to celebrate!


  29. Mercedes, congrats, you deserve it!!! You have made a great work. I love it!!! (I always think that about your work ;D)
    Every month I buy this magazine, and your dollhouse a four page is amazing!!!!
    In the October issue a little roombox of mine has been published too, and I am as happy and overwhelmed as you.
    It's true Madelva is a lovely person, and after all Spain and Australia (trough Internet, sure!) are not so far one from the other...LOL.

  30. Congratulations!!!

    I just read!

    Hugs from Madrid


  31. Congratulations!! Very nice pictures they used and your curtainworkshop! How cool...enjoy!

  32. Mercedes,

    What a beautiful layout of your miniature treasures! I love your blog and am constantly inspired by your creativity; it's a pleasure to see you receiving some recognition by your peers!

    Thanks for the care you put into this blog, and congratulations on your first article in publication. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a copy in the US?

    Kate in California

  33. Mercedes,Congratulations!!

    I see you in miniatures magazine,i like so much!!

    it's great!!

  34. That's fantastic, you deserve it!
    Congratulations Mercedes!
    I look forward to the magazine, it is not here yet.

  35. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

  36. There are so many things to like in your miniature house and garden - I spotted the skipping rope on the lawn and all sorts of other little details. Congratulations - you deserved for this to be published.

  37. WOW! Congratulations;;; from what I have been seeing ,, you so deserve it... I just love your doll houses, all the tiny details are just amazing... I am still working on putting mine together,,, some day I will.. lol Have a great weekend,


  38. OMG! I am so Jelly for ya!
    Congrads Little Miss Shabby Shic!!!
    Melissa from USA GA

  39. Congratulations for your article in the magazine miniaturas,your dollhouse deserves it because it's very nice ... kisses and regards from Spain

  40. Fantastic! How wonderful for you.

  41. Excellent work fantastic. Congratulations for your publications. You have an exquisite taste and style, I love the finishes that give them the furniture, clothes, everything. I am always amazed at your work, again and again.
    I enjoyed everything but the idea "as a door workshop" is fantastic, it's a great idea.
    After everything I said and I failed to explain how much I like your work. I do not think you can imagine.
    Congratulations. Hugs.

  42. Wow... congratulations!!! If I were to still make my magazine, you would be in it, you are very talented!!

  43. Well deserved! Congratulations!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  44. OH WOW!!! Your stuff looks amazing!!! So, when can I expect my signed copy?? JJ, hahaha.....But for real, You should be really proud of yourself!! You've got the touch for decorating, and it's So Perfect! Well done Mercedes!!!


  45. Congratulations Mercedes

  46. Two big thumbs up for Mercedes! There's no need for those without internet nót to enjoy your creations. Hope your copies will arrive soon :-))


  47. Hello! Thank you for joining my blog ... Second sight: there is a prize for you!
    kisses, Caterina

  48. Sorry for the late reaction Mercedes, but I'm currently very busy with preparations for the wedding of my dear sis.I want to congratulate you,it is so well deserved,because your miniatures are wonderful!

    Love sabiha

  49. Congratulations Mercedes!
    Your work deserves to be known.
    I am one of your fans, I welcome the publication in the magazine.
    Thanks for let us the pages of the magazine, here in South America do not receive it.
    (Sorry for my bad English)

  50. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!! I must surely be the last person to say "CONGRATZ! WOMAN! WOW! AMAZING!!!!!" This is just plain amazing.

  51. I hope that I can get one copy from Malaysia book store. ^_^

  52. running to buy one! wowowowowowo

  53. Congratulations!!! How fabulous. It is so beautifully arranged too. I'm so excited for you! Mini Hugs, Jean

  54. congratulations on the publication! It's not hard to believe as you have a blog I can't seem to leave!! :)


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