Thursday, October 22, 2009

A side table for the lounge

A very long time ago Katie sent me a little 'House of Miniatures' kitset to make a Hepplewhite side table.

I have finally made it and found the perfect spot for it in the lounge. I need to do something to 'country up' those lights!

I think the table needs some little house keys on it. I bought the little jar of roses on a trip to Melbourne.
Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I look after baby Lucy three days a week now and it's very exhausting and doesn't leave me with much spare time.
Thank you for all the blog awards!


  1. Precioso el salón, felicidades

  2. The little table looks many wonderful things to look at. I shall be interested to see what you do with the lighting.
    Have a good day!!!

    Linda x

  3. What a darling little table! I also love the beachhouse picture hanging above it - I have all those Phoenix cards from that artist - never though to make them in miniature! What kind of lights are you looking for? Can't wait to see what you do next ;-)

  4. Oh Mercedes! You've made my day!!! That's one of my Grandparents tables:) And it looks awesome!! Wait till I tell Mom to tell Grandma that my 'friend in New Zealand' Made one of the furniture kits. I don't ever think I told you...but Grandma told Mom one time she used to have a pen-pal that lived over there:) Apple doesn't fall far from the tree in my family:) I may have a single key I could put with those magazines, lol....when I oneday mail them? Let me know if you can't find the set your looking for! Thanks again for making my day!


  5. The table did come out well. :)

    I love how you have the little house theme throughout the room.

    Take pictures of the baby, lol ;)
    Babies keep me entertained. :)

    I too had a pen pal in New Zealand a long time ago, more email then pen though. ;)

  6. Hi Mercedes, the side table is so nice and I also love all the things that you have on it and arround!!!
    Indeed you are so talented!!!
    Warm regards,

  7. Like everyone I love your style too!! It´s kind of interesting too, because it´s actually possible to see the small "New Zealand" interior" signs in your work. I cannot point out exactly what it is... but it´s there!!!
    ( maybe it`s all the series from "Down under" that has given me an eye for it?) I love the books too, and the roses on the new lovely table... did you make them?

  8. The side table is perfect, I love all the details you put in the room, like the basket on the stairs and the jar with roses, and the picture of beach cabins.

  9. Mercedes, I love the little table! I wish you could come here and do your magic on my dollhouse!! You are so inspiring!


  10. what a pretty room. it looks so cozy. can i move in? :>)

  11. what a cute little corner it is now! I love that jar of roses, so lucky you found it, it's perfect for that table! First thing on my mind was also that the table asked for some keys!

  12. The table looks so pretty and the picture with the little houses are gorgeous!
    It is a always pleasure to visit your blog Mercedes :)
    Big hug

  13. I'm late at commenting... What do I really love? the courage that you had to strip a beautiful room to start a totally new one. I get affectionate to my wee games and I'm not sure I could ever be so brave. Well done and lots of lovely details as usual. Do not overtire with the kids Hugs Rosanna

  14. The side table looks great and seems to be perfect in it's place!
    I love the roses they are so real...and I know you will come up with an idea for the lamps!


  15. Thanks Mercedes for your nice comments!!! I also love the things you make and your right when you say that we have similar taste. Hughs for you & Liberty

  16. What a beautiful table,,, great job,, love how you are decorating the rooms... have a great weekend.


  17. Hello! In my blog there is an award for you

  18. Ciao!!
    Sul mio blog c'è un premio per te!

  19. It's wonderfull!. Congratulations Mercedes!!


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