Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fleamarket Style in my house!

After I showed the mini version of the Flea Market Style magazine in a previous post I was emailed by several lovely people offering to send me the real magazine.

And here it is in my 1:1 house for real!! Sent to me by the Flea Marketeers themselves - Linda MacDonald and Matthew Mead!!!! I still can't believe it's here, I never dreamed I would actually be able to read the real magazine.

The magazine is a visual delight and truly inspirational. See that sack cloth cushion on our (brand new) 1:1 couch...well, I got that idea from the magazine.

That sack cloth I've had tucked away for years. It's real designer sack cloth which sells for hundreds of dollars a metre here, it already had the crowns printed on it. But I found a very upmarket shop that sells off their discontinued fabric samples for a mere $5 each (that's even less in any other currency!). I'll have to show you another day what I've been able to do with other fabric samples.
Thank you for the magazine and all the wonderful inspiration Linda and Matthew!!


  1. Mercedes, I'm glad you received the magazine!! You sound so happy!!!
    Warm regards,

  2. The cushions are wonderful!!
    Great job and it looks beautiful on the couch.
    Love Sylvia

  3. Mercedes! That new couch with the faded blue covers is so gorgeous! Your cushions are perfect for it! I love it! So happy you got your couch, AT LAST! :):) I know you have been wanting one for so long. Let me tell you again, this one is beautiful!

  4. Lucky you, a tiny and a real Flea Market mag!

    I love those cushions... Hundreds of dollars for 'designer' sack cloth???? What's the world coming to?? When I was a child my mum had a 'special' apron she wore when scrubbing the floors or doing other particularly dirty work (cleaning out the insides of the coal range being one) that was made of sugar bag - in other words sack cloth - trimmed with a pretty bit of green floral cotton. I can't imagine what she'd think of the idea of 'designer' sack cloth!

  5. Beautiful cushions you made. Hope you can use the ideas of the magazine in your 1:12 house too.

  6. Mercedes, the couch and the cushions are gorgeous, very stylish!!

  7. wow! how awesome that linda and matthew sent you the magazine! your pillows are lovely. great story on the fabric, too!


  8. Great styling! And your jewel-in-the-crown pillows are very pretty. Sack cloth is so in at the moment.

  9. WElcome Mercedes, I was beginning to worry abut your silence. But you have been busy! I'm happy you had your mag and new sofa, take some rest between minis and real works. ugs Rosanna

  10. aaahhh.. see that just ROCKS!

    Great looking cushions... I think us folks on the opposite ends (nearly literally in our case) lose on some great magazines...

  11. Hi! Would you send me your post-address, there is a flower-bucket waiting here... ;)
    My email is: tiipero82@gmail.com

  12. Really one sees him happy with the magazine, I am glad for you.
    An embrace

    realmente se le ve feliz con la revista, me alegro por usted.
    un abrazo

  13. i love miniatures! i have a collection of tiny things. just random tiny things.

    i also LOVE to play doll house with my daughter.

    i inherited a few "miniatures" from my grandmother.

    and i have been hooked ever since.

    i am in a trance when i come to your blog!

    thank you



  14. I agree with the other bloggers, your cushions are very stylish and beautiful. I guess you will have plenty of ideas with the magazine.

  15. What fabulous cushions and I love your new couch.

  16. The cushions are so cute, and so good to put behind your lower back when sitting down in that cosy sofa.
    Enjoy the magazine!
    Synnøve X

  17. I haven't been able to find the magazine here locally, but was lucky enough to be able to purchase a copy from a blogger that was selling them. What a wonderful magazine!!! It's so inspiring!
    Your cushions are fabulous!

  18. Great cushions Mercedes. So nice to be sent the magazine. I wonder what other creations your be making after reading the mag..xxx

  19. congratulations!!!!!!!!, beautiful cushions!!!!!!


  20. Hi lieve Mercedes, congratulations on your new and fabulous couch and cushions!
    And how nice,that they sent you the fantastic magazine!
    I love that little bird nest,it looks so sweet on that shelf!


  21. Merci de ton passage chez moi.
    Je découvre ainsi ton joli blog.

    Bonne soirée


  22. It looks wonderful Mercedes!

    Many hugs


  23. Perfect little magazzine. Best wishes


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