Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Let's go visit the Farmhouse!

We'll take a break from posts about La Maisonnette because that little bathroom is driving me NUTS!!!
 I have made some progress on it but it has sorely tried my patience!!

So here, hopefully for your visual pleasure, is a post from the Farmhouse girls room.

Don't ask me why I ever called this the Farmhouse. 
That may have been how it started out all those years ago (this is the third time I've renovated it) but now it seems more like a Chateau!
The chest of drawers is one of my favourite things I've made.
I made it from cardboard - You see I really 'do what I can with what I have'.
It may look like a few random items thrown on the dressing table but it takes quite some thought and time to create just the right things!
The drawers are lined with scrapbooking paper.
One day I'll fill them.
I think this is the prettiest room in the Farmhouse.

I must say I am enjoying blogging again...didn't realise how much I'd missed you all.
Thank you for your comments and feedback, it's all very helpful!

My city is in a 7 day Covid Lockdown this week all due to some fool not following the rules.
However, that gives me time to finish a few things off (hopefully I'll finish that little bathroom) and plan a few more blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Such eye candy!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. A very fancy farmhouse? It's beautiful regardless. I love that bed.

  3. Always a delight to tour rooms in miniature buildings you have created...there is inspiration in each one so thank you for sharing! Cheers, Alayne

  4. Thankyou for the beautiful rooms. I am not able to do a lot cuz of physical stuff right now but seeing your lovely rooms are inspiring and hopeful I can get back. Enjoy your blog very much. :)

  5. Mercedes, so happy to see that you're blogging again. Your rooms and furniture always inspire me to make something new. Years ago I fell in love with your Shabby Cottage and some members and I in my miniature group made it without a pattern and your assistance with measurements. It remains my favorite miniature project. Now I think I have to do this darling room in your Farmhouse.
    Thanks for your wonderful ideas,
    Sandy from Antioch, California

  6. ¡Esa habitación es encantadora!

  7. Absolutamente maravillosa y fascinante!! De las habitaciones más bonitas que he visto en ése estilo, rebosa encanto y femineidad! resulta romántica y a la vez desenfadada, suave pero también colorida. Una mezcla de muebles y colores preciosa.

  8. Mercedes, what a dreamy and girly room!!! Love the soft colors, the chest, the fantastic bed, all!!! And the lovely mini dollhouse!!! Bravo, bravo.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and delightful!!! I love the colours and you made lovely details. Difficult to believe that you made the chest of drawers from cardboard, it's just perfect.

  10. Wonderful Mercedes!! Perhaps it's a little French farmhouse that has great ideas of grandeur when it grows up :)

  11. This is such a magical room Mercedes - but really, really, truly has me completely spellbound it that gorgeous little diary with Bambi on the cover on the chest! So true, little details don't come easy, but this is just fabulous.
    Anna X

  12. Me encanta la habitación, la cama es adorable y la cómoda preciosa.

  13. Very beautiful room and furnishings! Glad you are back to delight our eyes and imaginations!

  14. I'm lost, staring at all the small details. Can't tell you how much I enjoy your blogs.


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