Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Working on La Maisonnette exterior

This was the first building I ever built when I joined a Miniatures club that happened to meet 
once a month just around the corner from my house. 
When I joined the club they were building a row of Victorian shops for their biennial show. 
It was a good way to learn the basics of miniature building.
It also made me realise I never want to make or glue hundreds of sandpaper bricks ever again!
And there's the delightful Liberty when she was two and a half years old back in 2007. 
Time really does fly!
In 2011 I changed the building into a bakery.
However there's not a lot of room in my real house for more dollhouses and the bakery needed a revamp so...
Time to add another floor and get renovating.
I was more than ready to get rid of the bricks.
I followed the instructions in Lea Frisoni's book to build the top floor.
Yes, it was annoying making all the tiles for the roof but I'm glad I did it.
Removing the bricks left a nice textured effect on the walls.
I boarded up the side window but I still wanted it to look like there had been a window there.
That's the original front door.
I just added a fancy panel.
I'd always wanted a house with a dormer window.
It was very tricky to get the angles right but where there's a will there's a way!
When I originally built the house I added a spouting and was able to re-use it.
I also had the trim under the spouting lying around...Like I've said before - things just turn up here!
The bakery will still be in the ground floor.
The wonderful Kim Saulter gave me the exquisite stained glass 'Patisserie' window.
The beginnings of the outside door on the second floor which will be the entry to the maisonnette.
This door is currently in the garage waiting for my husband to drill holes in it to make it swing the opposite direction to how it was built. It seems to have been languishing in the garage for quite some time...might have to tell him I'll use the drill myself - that'll get him moving!
Doo-dakkies glued to the front.
Doo-dakkies are incredibly useful little bits 'n' pieces and it's 
very lucky that I have so many lying around the place!
I've made the very top pointy part of the roof but I can't fix it in place until I've done the lighting.
It was a nightmare to figure out all the angles.
And here it is so far...lots more to do.
I need more rainy Sundays!


  1. Very pretty and Frenchy Mercedes! Really love the shop front and those embossed panels. It’s great to give an old project a new look. It creates a challenge and stretches your creativity. And if you really don’t like something anymore, then why not change it? Well done!

  2. Has hecho una magnífica transformación! Es tan francesa la tienda y tan bonita! La puerta es una pequeña maravilla!

  3. Beautiful transformation, Mercedes!!!Great shop front and walls. So well done and french style... Bravo!

  4. It looks beautiful and very french

  5. The exterior is looking fantastic!! I really like the idea of leaving the framing for the bricked up window. How lovely to see such a tiny Liberty again.

  6. The transformation is lovely! The building has made a complete change of personality with the addition of the charming roof line, additional floor, dormer window and 'doo-dakkies'...looking amazing! Cheers, Alayne

  7. What a wonderful transformation, you achieved a perfect French style. I love the door and the stained glass patisserie sign among a lot of other decorative things.

  8. Dos estilos completamente diferente. Me encanta el nuevo diseño parisino.¡Buen trabajo!

  9. I love the transformation and the new life you have given to the project! The look and feel transports you right to Paris - I can almost smell the baguettes! Maybe one day, when Liberty has kids, you'll feel inspired to remodel it again! I wish you many creative Sundays, whatever the weather brings!

  10. Admiro tu capacidad de reconvertir escenas que ya has hecho antes, y lo haces con gram maestria. El estilo frances que le has dado está impecable,la puerta nueva una maravilla y esas ventanas le dan su carácter especial. Ansio ver la tienda terminada. Será un lujo!

  11. I watched a short video today showing buildings in Germany immediately after the war, and how they were restored and look today. Your house facade makes me think of that. Transformation can be a wonderful thing and the way you are updating this house is just charming.

  12. Si duda una transformación maravillosa me gusta muchísimo, enhorabuena a tu buen trabajo.

  13. Wow ! Mercedes, this looks amazing ! , I miss you , love from Frederica

  14. I have an old dollhouse from the 80's which I've been wanting to gut and redo, so after seeing how cleverly you've renovated your first dollhouse project both inside and out, I'm feeling inspired to fetch mine out of the garage for a full makeover too!

    Your refurbishment of your old English style bakery into a French Patisserie and maisonette, is fullcourse delight!
    I TOTALLY love the detail of the bricked in window and the new dormer!
    Two more thumbs up on the embossed door and the tasteful color combinations; classic chic with some definite
    Ou LA LA!

  15. OMG that is just gorgeous, you are so creative Mercedes.


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