Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mr Nylon in the Kitchen

When we last left Mr Nylon he was on his way to the kitchen to look for a cup of coffee. You'll be happy to know he eventually found the door, but alas that's as far as he got. Just look at the destruction in this room. 'AAAarrrrggggghhhh!', thinks Bri, 'a man could die of thirst around here'.
Being a man, Mr Nylon is not all that familiar with this room however he can see the coffee pot and coffee (so beautifully packaged by Sabiha) sitting tantalisingly on top of what looks to be the beginnings of a new stove. So even if he knew how to make the coffee he wouldn't be able to do it (that's usually his long suffering wife Silky Nylon's job).

Judging by the stack of decorating books there it looks like the decorator has big plans for this room...hopefully she knows what she's doing. Mr Nylon's main concern is how he will ever be able to afford a new shirt with all these seemingly unnecessary renovations going on.
The Decorator


  1. lol ... love it. I'm sure he'll just go out for coffee much stress for him , I'm sure , to walk across that kitchen !

  2. ....did you make all those books??? They look great! I still can't believe you tore out that beautful kitchen! But I can't wait to see the new one!! :)

  3. Looks like you are having so much fun redecorating your house! Can't wait to see the kitchen again!

  4. Waiting anxiously for photos of the new kitchen...

  5. Hi Mercedes, everything is so beautifull... the kitchen is lovely, the books fantastic.. and love the the minis from Linda!!
    Your are extraordinary with minis!!!
    Warm regards,

  6. I love those decorating books too, you are so clever with books! it all looks beautiful Mercedes, Kate xx

  7. I'm realy looking forwrd to see how it will be? It will come out fine I figure!

    The presnts sent by Linda are beuatiful and look great in your shabby home!


  8. :). I like messy room pics especially when it is the before and after photos.

    Those books are fab!

  9. Me ha hecho esbozar una sonrisa al leer como relatava, lo del sr. Nylon, menos mal, que tiene café para tomar.
    Con tantos libros de decoración seguro que quedará una cocina preciosa, ahora, si con tanto gasto posiblemente el sr. Nylon, esté mucho tiempo sin poder comprarse una camisa.

  10. What happend in your kitchen? Looking forward to see how its going to be,
    * marlies

  11. I love this blog. I gave you an award Mimo.

  12. Poor Mr Nylon :-)
    Love the books, it seems the decorator hasn't decided which style she's going for yet! Looking forward to see what she chooses in the end :-)


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