Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The All New Shabby Chic Hutch Dresser!

Here's what the hutch Kim sent me looks like now I've waved my magic wand! You can see what it looked like before in the previous post.

The best part is finding things to fill it up with. Oh, the hutch isn't crooked, once again it's my photography! Kim also sent me those sweet little floral plates.

I had a lot fun filling up the drawer. There's a notebook, scissors, a candle, matches, a photo, a map that someone has put away without folding it up properly (can anyone ever fold a map up properly!), an oversized pencil, a museum brochure and a leaflet for the local pizzeria.
School holidays are here now so the mini making has slowed down a little!


  1. Better, much better!!
    Now is so beautiful...

  2. So wonderful. I love the Cat Kidson book....so adorable. Love your work. Glad you had fun with it.
    Hugs~ Kim

  3. I wish I had a magic wand as talented as yours! I love what you did with that hutch!

  4. That looks wonderful Mecedes!
    Cute plates!
    Luv the basket, Im keen on baskets I must find a tutorial to make one or 2, and those little maps are soooo cute!
    I'm sure your having a lovely time in the holidays!I really enjoyed having the children around for a few weeks... that was way back when!

  5. It looks great!! I love the plates Kim gave you as well, and the shabby chic books... they look so real!!!
    Nice work with all of it :D

  6. Mercedes, I have the same stickers booklet by Cath Kidston in real. I bought it this summer ! I have to try and make it mini. BTW the hutch looks great.

  7. What a perfect job you have done with this Mercedes...it looks lovely, really lovely. My favorite part is the open draw with all the wonderful little items...very clever.
    Linda x

  8. Mercedes,you did an amazing job on the makeover for the huch!
    I love the little window in the door and I love the the little things
    you put in the drawers...excellent!
    That way it looks so real!

    I'm sorry to tell you that I did not received any mail from you,I'm afraid it is lost?


  9. Beautiful and much better!!
    I love the box with the roses and the shabby shic books, wonderful!!

    Love Sylvia

  10. This is very nice !!!
    I see that you like to "play" with Photoshop too...
    Your Shabby Chic books are great!

  11. Lovely work,it looks so much better than in boring brown.What I like at most is the idea to broke out the doors and put in one door with etched glass.All my compliments.Hugs,Jeannette

  12. oh wow it's wonderful!
    You're truly a magician :)

  13. What a beautiful transformation! The hutch is perfect for your house now! I love all of the tiny things you've added. I also like the "glass" door at the top. It's all very pretty!

  14. Mercedes it's wonderful!!! I must say as always I see your works!!!

  15. You have really done magic to the
    hutch, and I like the little
    glass-door - a very good idea!
    /Eva J

  16. Oh Mercedes! It's beautiful!! Love those plates that she sent, so Girlie!!! And I like how you added handles to that little pink basket at the bottom!! So Shabby!!! :)

  17. You are so gifted! What an amazing transformation- I love, love, love the little glass door too!

  18. Lovely! I adore the drawer contents, it makes it look so real! You have a wonderful eye for transforming things!

  19. It look fantastic now!!.So real!

  20. Is very nice Mercedes !!! Me encanta el resultado.

  21. Mecedes did you manage to have a look at those mini rosebuds at
    Thought they might be what your looking for!

  22. I love your shabby style! This little cupboard is a triumph :) Would you one day show how you do a make-over please?

  23. Oh yes please learning how to do a makeover would be fabulous!!!!
    I know a little about shabby Chic-ing but what do you use under the white paint
    that is all I need to know really!

  24. Welcome to my blog.Congratulations on your blog and your miniatures. I love the Cath Kidston books. I love going to the Cath Kidston's shops in England, a pity there is no shops in France.

  25. It is so nice to meet you! I LOVE your creations and find you very inspiring! Every thing you make is ADORABLE! Congratulations on your magazine feature too! I added your blog to my Blog Candy page. Please come visit me sometime!


  26. Would you grant the short term use of one of your shabby photos for the homepage of ShabbyChicMiniatures please? If you aren't willing, please delete this comment.

    I love your style!

  27. Thankyou so much Mercedes!! Take a look

  28. His miniatures are perfect, beautiful! I loved all your
    work. Congratulations you are a great artist!


  29. you're so pro at this. this reminds me to start paying attention to the details


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