Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shabby mini mail from Linda!

Just take a look at what arrived in the mail from Linda at Une Petite Folie today! These have to be the world's tiniest letters! They're each about 1cm long and they came in that gorgeous little box there.

Linda also made these perfectly shabby slippers, how sweet are they?!

Whoever lives in this little house with those shabby, cold floorboards will be very happy to have such a beautiful pair of cosy slippers by her bed!

Linda also sent me this beautiful rose picture it has the perfect colours for this room.

And another beautiful picture, this one of a building in Provence.
Linda's miniatures are absolutely exquisite, it's quite surreal to have them here in my own home after seeing her work on her blog for so long! Pop over to Linda's blog and daydream in her little French world!
Thank you Linda!!


  1. Lovely letters and wonderful shabby slippers. Perfect for your shabby house. I love the things you sent Linda as well. Mini hugs~ Kim

  2. Beautiful touch in all your rooms of shabby chic.Love to go through all your sites.Jeannette

  3. You are so welcome Mercedes, I has been a lot of fun!!

  4. It is all so wonderful, just perfect!!
    Enjoy it,

    love Sylvia

  5. !Que maravilla!. Os felicito a las dos, todo es precioso, soís unas grandes artistas

  6. Oh my goodness! How exquisite! Linda's miniatures are amazing - but then I popped over to her blog and so are yours! That book! Linda's 'bedroom' is beautiful, I can't wait for a block of time to examine every image on her blog ;-)

  7. So lucky you are, absolutely fantastic great ting.Alt fit perfectly in your beautiful house!

  8. So lovely gifts you´ve got from Linda!
    And I just love the book You made for her! Amazing!
    I wonder were You get you lovely wallpapers from?


  9. Hi Mercedes, I have just discovered your wonderful blog through Linda's blog and its amazing! I can see I will be here all day checking out all your older posts, will need to stock up on tea and biscuits while I read through it all! It will be invaluable to me, as is Lindas blog as I hope to start a house soon with a French shabby chic theme and also the quilting tutorial wil be great for my Snow White beds!
    What beautiful gifts from Linda, and yours too to her, you both have so much talent and patience to create such beautiful miniatures.
    Now back to reading! How did I miss your blog before??!! lol Kate xx

  10. They are truly special, Mercedes. Very pretty! Your room is looking so great. It will be such a thrill for the people next year when it's time to show the house again.

  11. Beautiful presents!! Linda and you could have been sisters. You both make the most precious miniatures in style!

    Congratulations on 200 followers!

    groetjes Evelien

  12. How precious! I love the little slippers and the framed paintings!
    You and Linda are so creative!

  13. Mercedes your work are great! the letters are so cute.

    I like so much your Shabby house

    You have a spanish name.

    Hugs from Spain!

  14. They ar eperfect!! Especially those cute little you had a pair in real life, huh!! LOL!


  15. Oh, how lucky you are! What beautiful treasures.

  16. Beautiful gifts, they going to be great in your house,
    * marlies

  17. Hi
    I love what you make. The little book is amazing! I'll swap with you anytime;)


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