Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shabby chic surprises from Sabiha!

Yesterday there was a wonderful surprise from Sabiha in my mailbox. Minis for the shabby house!!

Two boxes of the teensiest chocolates and those little tiny gold shoes. Sabiha is amazing when it comes to making the tiniest things, those beautifull boxed chocolates are miniscule!

This little bag had these gorgeous silver sandals in it.
A little macrame pot holder. The last time I did macrame I was about 11 years old and I actually made one of these for my dollhouse way back then but it disappeared many years ago.

And these beautiful little frames. Everything is just perfect!!

Thank you Sabiha for the shabby surprises!

And thank you to everyone for your compliments on the country couch! I think there might just be a little bit of country in all of us!



  1. What a wonderful gifts!!
    Everything is just perfect, enjoy it.

    Love Sylvia

  2. I so love the boxed chocolates, the round box inparticular ..... Sabiha is very kind!

  3. Hoi Mercedes,I was all forgotten about the golden shoes,haha!Actualy I have found the shoes in a box off princes pasta Ilayda loves to eat...I painted the pasta gold en made the little bows,it could be nice christmas tree decoration in your shabby chic house?

    I love the idea to sent Debbie a get well gift...I miss her always so nice comments !

  4. Wonderful shabby surprises! I'm doing some cleaning and I'm hoping to find a good hutch for you :)
    I miss Debbie so much. She will like the gifts :)
    Hugs~ Kim

  5. What fabulous gifts, Mercedes! I especially love the little frames and the silve sandals! I'll see what I have that Debbie might like.



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