Monday, December 22, 2008

Bah Humbug!

I have to say I'm well over Advent Calendars. I remember when I was a kid how much fun it was to open a little cardboard door each day to reveal a little Christmas picture. This year I made the biggest mistake and bought Liberty a 'My Little Pony' advent calendar (I only did this because when Noah was little I'd found a Lego advent calendar and it was so much fun). THe 'pony' calendar has a little gift each day. Now when she wakes up at the crack of dawn (5:30am) she comes and stands beside my bed and whines in my ear until I get up to open the calendar with her. I've also had her in tears because her cousins Advent calendars have chocolates in them and she wants to know why I won't let her eat chocolate for breakfast! I've already bought two Advent calendars for next year (half price sale) , lovely old fashioned card ones, no presents or food involved!

Here's the advent calendar I made for myself a couple of years ago - made three others for friends too as last minute gifts! Have just thought right now of someone else who I could make one for but the list of things to make isn't getting any smaller and now I only have three days left. Although making a skirt for Liberty make have slipped off the list. I have a gorgeous piece of fabric but need something else to go with it and just can't find the right thing. I've bought her a 'Dora the Explorer' skirt for Christmas but when we were shopping yesterday and she saw the same one she said, "That's ugly". It was just because of the colour, it's khaki green and I've always told her I don't like that colour...oh dear!

Took my wares to a craft market again on Saturday. The previous two Saturdays Freddy and I had made good sales there. However last Saturday was a bit different - hardly anyone came! So after 6 hours we made $21 and after paying our fee for the stall we came away with $1!!!! W had a good time with the other stall holders though, sales were no better for anyone else. I guess it's all a learning curve and now we know not to go to a market the weekend before Christmas!
I made those 'bah humbug' blocks up there for my sister for a bit of fun. But on the brighter side I'm making happier ones for my neices and nephew, if I get them finished before Christmas I'll show you!
Glad tidings!

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  1. Love both of these!!! If all goes as planned, 2009 will find Aaron and I working like a well oiled machine..leaving me lots of time for personal crafting and creating! I have been wanting to make a cookie sheet calendar for far too long!!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & happy New Year!!
    xoxo Jenny


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