Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Tis the Season!

For some reason it really does seem like it was just yesterday I was packing everything away from last Christmas. I'm sure my husband would say that's just because I have so much Christmas stuff that it does take a year to put it all away - ahh, the joys of living with a minimalist!
I helped teach the Mainly Music mums how to make these 'joy' blocks a couple of weeks ago. They're quite big 10cm x 10cm (4 x 4 inches). The letters on the front are wooden covered with scrapbooking papers. Very simple to make and a great decoration. I would have made more for my friends but I don't think there are any more J's, O's or Y's left in Auckland! This set was my prototype and I gave them away to someone less crafty. I have made myself a new set and will post a pic soon.

And here are some little blocks my sister-in-law commisioned me to make to send to her family in Canada.
These are only 4.5cm x 4.5cm (almost 2 inches) but they look rather cute. My biggest problem is finding letters that are cheap enough to make it worthwhile to make them.
I have plenty of ideas for other words...just need a man to chop the wood for the blocks...now that may take 'til Christmas!

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