Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crafty Little Christmas

About three weeks before Christmas my eight year old neice asked me if she could have one of my dollhouses. I said to her maybe she should ask Father Christmas for a dollhouse to which she replied,"Oh, I don't think Father Christmas could make anything that good". Well, that just melted my heart and I knew I had to make her something. But being so close to Christmas a whole house was out of the question so I decided to make a little girls bedroom for her in 1:12 scale.

It was a challenge finding things to fill it with. There are no shops here where you can just go and buy dollhouse miniatures and it was too late (and much too expensive!) to order anything online so I had to get making. I built the little bed from scratch and made all the bedding. The bedside cupboard I already had. I scanned a few books by her favourite authors and miniaturised their family photo. The poster above the bedside table and the framed picture by the bed came from a greeting card catalogue. The Spongebob on the shelf cam off a dangly pen.

The picture of the girl on the wall above the chair is one of my clever little sisters paintings made tiny. There's a High School Musical poster because that's what my niece is into. I made little Operation and Candyland games and some Barbie doll boxes. The white shelf was a non-opening cupboard from the two dollar shop which I modified.

The little pencils I made from toothpicks although they were a bit trickier than I expected because the toothpicks were actually too thick so I had to whittle them down.
The candycane, cake and cookie I made from modelling clay.The last time I used
modelling clay I was about 12 years old!
When my niece opened it she just sat there and said,"WOW"! and then she thanked me about a million times. Later on Christmas day she took it over to show her 8 year old friend next door. I saw her again on Boxing day and she had rearranged everything. Her little friend was there and she said, "Tell her what else she can make". Intrigued I asked what else I could make and my niece said, "Oh, she wants you to make one for her".
I hope you all had a Merry one!


  1. What a CUTE blog!!!!!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. cute doll house. My daughter loves her!
    Vintage Lily


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