Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gifts from Finland!

It's been yet another dismal weekend weather wise so it was a lovely surprise to open the mail box on Saturday and find a package from Susanna.
Susanna and I have just done a swap and she sent me so many gorgeous things. Noah was very impressed to see the full set of Harry Potter books! And I am now the very proud owner of some of Susanna's exquisite mini food all in those wonderful Wooper dishes. There were other beautiful books, one of her bread bins (love the colour!) a plant and that beautiful hydrangea (which has found it's way to the shabby house). And Susanna sent Liberty her own little package with a little paint set, a pad - with real pages, and those teensy, tiny houses all in that cute little box.

Thank you Susanna!

Later in the week I'm going to take some new photos of the dollhouse so everyone can see where all the wonderful things I am sent end up!



  1. What wonderful goodies! How exciting to get them in the mail!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  2. Wow....great little items...they would all look great in my dollhouses!lol.
    I wonder how many dollhouses Liberty will have in her house when she is a grown-up ? I have 4 :o)

  3. Lovely goodie but the souffle beats them all. Happy Sunday

  4. Hey....I was able to get both pictures to pop up big!!! Yeah!!!!

    Love the trade pics.....didn't realize how detailed they were until I made the pictures bigger, WOW!!! SO FUN!!!

  5. I'm happy you enjoyed your goodies :)
    Can't wait to see more pics!

  6. Wonderful gifts, you lucky one!!!
    I love them all!

    Love Sylvia

  7. That looks like fun Mercedes!!! What wonderful mail you recieve at your house...I must waste so much time...all these miniature people making things and sending them around the world!!!..looks like fun!

    Linda x

  8. Wonderful Gifts. I'm with Noah Very impressed by the Harry Potter Books.

  9. Liberty, I' still have your minis on my mind. I've been super busy with Church stuff and so on, but I will get to them.



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