Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How I make a mini quilt

Kathi has asked me to show how I make a miniature quilt. She saw the one I made for Sylvia here. I always forget to take photos of the things I send away! Let's not call this a 'tutorial' that implies I know what I'm doing and I don't, lol! This is just how I do it. I'm more of a pictures person when it comes to instructions so I hope you can understand all this.So first you spend an hour or so going through your fabrics to make your selection. For the quilt top I am making here I used 5 different fabrics.

Cut a square from paper just over 1 inch square. Use this as a template to cut 6 squares from each fabric.

Line them all up (I just sewed the first line there to make sure my square was the right size).
Move the fabric squares around until they are in a pattern that you like.

Sew each row together. The seam allowance is the width of the side of the sewing machine foot there. It just makes it easy.

Make sure you keep your rows in order as you sew them (this will save time and confusion later, lol!).

Trim each little seam as close as you dare!

Flatten the seams all in the same direction. If you pull the end square it helps to flatten it out nicely.

Then sew the rows together. Try and get the squares to match up as best you can.
Trim the seams and iron all in the same direction.

Find a fabric to create a frame for the quilt. Cut four strips about an inch wide. The two for the sides should be the length of the quilt. Make sure you cut the top and bottom ones long enough to go across the ends of the side strips.

Sew the side strips on first, then the top and bottom ones.

Place the quilt top on your backing fabric and cut a piece the same size.

Stitch all around the edges leaving a gap at the bottom for turning inside out. Trim the seams.

Turn the quilt inside out. Cut a piece of something soft to fill the quilt with. The stuff I have used here is just cotton wool that comes in a roll, it's very soft. Hand sew the opening closed.

TA DA!!!!

Looks cute folded up on the end of a bed too. Alas, this one isn't staying here, it's going to a friend!
Hope that all makes sense Kathi!


  1. Wow!!!! Great work. You are always so sweet to share all the fun detail. Would love to try one someday. Your is so lovely. Nothing says home like a homemade quilt. Mini hugs!

  2. I have been pestering my mum to make me a lifesize quilt blanket cos I just love them. Your pictures are so effective, Mercedes. And the quilt is lovely. I hope to make an Indian one and show you someday. Just 1 question, the backing fabric is also the same fabric as the edges?

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is great and I love that quilt.

  4. Thanks Kim, Doreen and Sans. And yes Sans I used the same fabric for the back as I did for the sides, but you can use anything you like. Finding the right fabrics is half the fun!

  5. Quilts are my passion....but they are hard to do.
    I did one some mounth ago with the help of my mother and I used the same way, but mine is not soft like yours...UFFFF....I'll try again.
    Your bed is very nice, it looks say:" come to spleep..."
    Ciao Ciao

  6. A neat little trick:
    if you want the quilt to lie less stiffly on the bed, insert wire into the sides and you can bend it.

  7. Thank you Mercedes, it "seems" easy but I'm not sure. I shall have a try as soon as I finish the slippers and I'll let you know. Hugs

  8. Hi Mercedes,
    The quilt is so beautiful.Ich will also make one for my dollhouse. Currently I use a stick quilt or rug. What it is, I know not yet.

    Sorry, my english ist bad.

  9. OK...I think this proves it!! Miniature people have to be slightly crazy!! Fancy cutting and then sewing 1 inch squares of fabric...and you say I must be patient!!But...I LOVE the result..It is beautiful Mercedes, I especially loved how you 'dressed' the bed in the final photo!! Love it all!!

    Regards Linda

  10. Great job and it is again sooooo beautiful!!!
    love Sylvia

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!!!, and so well explained....
    Once more time, thanks for this great TUTORIAL (I think that it is).
    You are lovely and generous :-))


  12. Lovely !

    It was a really nice and wonderful quilt and what a great tutorial !! Maybe, just maybe I'll try someday too :-)

    Love your blog !

    Best wishes, Anneli in Sweden

  13. Oh my goodness! Your little quilt is so beautiful!

    Thank you SO MUCH for the instructions! I can't wait to try this!

  14. That looks so lovely. The bed is so inviting and I love the colors.

  15. Mercedes! It is so cute! I am going to try it myself--I told you life-sized quilts, no problem--teensy mini quilts, I feel like the Jolly Green Giant! This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your tutorial.


  16. The colors you chose for the quilt are wonderful. It is very pretty on the bed.

  17. Wonderful tutorial! You make it look so easy- but I am sure if I try it I will be cursing under my breath. Good sewing practice :) My favorite part is where you tell us to take an hour to find the right fabric :) I think it would take me that long :)

  18. I've made my own quilt because I loved yours so much but I used a technique that's even faster and easier that I learned doing life size quilts. Hope you don't mind if I share!

    Instead of cutting out itty bitty squares, you cut out long strips of fabric (mine were 1 inch wide). Sew all of the strips together side by side. You now have one large block of fabric that is striped. Turn the piece sideways and cut ACROSS the stripes (again 1inch). You now have a strip of tiny squares! Sew those squares strips together and you have a mini quilt!

  19. This quilt looks absolutely fabulous!!!

  20. The quilt is lovely - thank you
    for the description - I really
    love your little shabby coffee
    table too!!
    /Eva J

  21. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us Mercedes. xx

  22. Very nice quilt. Love the colors. I am getting the itch to make one again. I use English paper piecing. I'm too lazy to drag out the sewing machine. It takes a lot longer, but it's fun. Thanks for the tutorial. Maybe I will have to drag the machine out after all.

  23. Ohhh que bonito!!!!
    Gracias por compartirlo y explicar el paso a paso. Algun dia intentare hacer uno.
    Un saludo y felicidades.

  24. muchisimas gracias, muy buien explicado, queda precioso.
    Algún dia me atreveré hacer una colcha de pach.
    Un besito carmen

  25. How well explained, and with great pics. infectious!Its quilting time!

    One tip though about drapping your quilt (dressing the bed). Besides a wire sown in, you could also use a leaded lace. I tore out the flexible lace of lead out of the bottom of some old netcurtains and sown that all along the sides of the quilt (on the inside ofcourse)

    The action of litarally throwing the quilt on the bed and inmediately falling as it should is tremendous... can't describe it but some of you must understand what I mean 8-)

    Again, great description

  26. oooooh! que cama mas bonita te ha quedado, me gusta mucho la colcha ,la combimación de colores,es preciosa

  27. Thanks for the great tutorial! I will have to try this one. :)

  28. Thank you for the great tutorial. Thank you for sharing. I will endeavour to make some. I need to find the tiny fabric to make them.

  29. Does this translate to a larger size? like a baby size?

  30. this quilt is adorable., and where did you get that sweet little bed?

  31. Although this is an old post, I've just started on my miniature journey. I've been experimenting with how to make a miniature quilt for my selfmade dollhouse and each attempt got me a little closer but this one worked perfectly. Thank you for posting it.


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