Sunday, August 23, 2009

Magnificent Magnolia

This magnolia tree is right outside our front door. This week it is in full bloom and looks magnificent
Liberty can never resist climbing it and taking a giant leap!
I have a feeling Spring is just around the corner...


  1. Wonderful woerful wonderful. We have not pink magnolias in Italy. I love Liberty's pic jumping from the tree.Big hugs to you alla

  2. Liberty is just so precious! Love that photo of her jumping from the magnolia tree!
    We're heading into fall here in the USA. This morning it is cool enough to open the windows and turn off the air-conditioning. I'm sure it will be hot again in a few days but it is nice to feel the change in the weather...
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Magnolias look so magical.. just flowers and no leaves..
    I wish they'd winter here.. maybe I should try one year..

  4. When I saw your beautiful magnolia tree in bloom it reminded me of springtime when our magnolia trees are in bloom. Now we are nearing the fall and watching the leaves change colors.
    What a refreshing, beautiful picture.

  5. Wow, Mercedes, you are so lucky ! I still remember when you 1st showed me the tree and it was almost bare. Winter is almost over, how nice!

  6. Lovely pictures. Very pretty tree and Libery is so cute sitting or jumping from it. Mini hugs!

  7. ªQue preciosidad de arbol y de niña". Felicidades por las dos.

  8. Oooh my gosh,what a pritty site that must be!!! I love your tree,but the little magnolia jumping out off the tree is the prittiest!



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