Monday, August 3, 2009

Shabby little coffee table

I saw the most gorgeus shabby coffee table on Kim Saulter's blog 'It's a Miniature Life', you can see her one here. I knew I had to try and make something similar. I'm finding lots of shabby inspiration at Kim's blog!

I used a metal mini frame for the table top and had such fun finding pictures and things to fill it up. The word 'WISH' is made from the alphabetti pasta that Sabiha sent me, I painted the letters white.
The whole thing is a bit rickety, lol! I'm just so impatient to make things for the shabby house. I used 1mm thick wood because I can cut that easily with a craft knife. The table legs I made using some sticks of wood that someone at the club was throwing out. I keep every scrap of wood and when I want to make something I hunt through it all to see if I can make what I want with minimal cutting. The only tools I have at home are a craft knife and a mitre cutter. One day I WILL own a table saw!

More shabby mini's to come! Oh! I'm having way too much fun and spending way too much time on the furnishings for that little house!



  1. I want the mitre cutter! it seems impossible to find in Italy and I so badly need it for corners. I shall have a look on the net. Lovely table as everything you do. Hugs

  2. Such a pretty little table, it is very sweet..well done!!

    NOW!!! who needs all of those fancy tools...I shall let you into a secret...I made the 'petite maison' only with a craft knife, mitre cutters and a hand saw!!...and that is still all I use today while making walls and panelling etc....and I usually work on the ...get this..."FLOOR"...(I admit the view from behind may not be too attractive) but I find this the easiest way!!

    'food for thought'
    Linda x

  3. It is a wonderful coffeetabel!!!!

    Just like Linda, I made everything with a craft knife, mitre cutters and a handsaw, the only fancy tool I have is a mini-drill.

    Love Sylvia

  4. How cute! Love the top! Thanks for the tip about the alphabet letters!
    I can use them somewhere, I'm sure!

  5. LOL...I don't trust myself with power tools, and often wonder what I could accomplish if I did. :)

    Your coffee table is perfect! I do love the shabby look, too....It's so girlie!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that table!!! So cute-- you know I love the nest! And I love how you used the alphabet pasta!!! So cute!!!

  7. What a perfect little shabby chic table. Great job.

  8. Mercedes, This looks so wonderful. Great job. I love it. Thanks so much for your kind words and mention. You are so sweet. I love your blog too! Mini hugs!

  9. There's no such thing as too much fun or too much time spent...

    The table looks lovely!

    I'm with Linda... craft knife, mitre cutters and hand saw...

  10. How lovely! My mom had a coffee table filled with shells when we left our seaside home for one miles away - I love your shabby version, such a clever idea!

  11. What a lovely table! You are really good at aging the wood too and it is amazing how the metal and wood fused so perfectly. Fabulous , dear, just fabulous!

    Nice to hear from all the others how you can build a whole dollhouse just with 3 hand tools.

  12. What a cool idea (Kim) and how lovely it turned out in your hands, Mercedes.

  13. Oh, it's beautiful! You and Kim are so 'shabby chic' creative! I do have the miter cutter and it is a wonderful tool and I notice now that Hobby Builders Supply carries it. I ordered mine from Dick Blick.

    This is gorgeous, Mercedes!


  14. This table turned out so nice! Very nice job Mercedes!!

  15. The table is lovely Mercedes!!! Your are very talented!!! Just one question: what does shabby means???


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