Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiny Rosebuds

I had a bit of fun making these tiny rose arrangements. They were very simple to make and if I had more roses I'd show you how I made them. The pink ones are going in the shabby house.
Here's a birds eye view.

The rosebuds are the tiniest I've found, 1/8th of an inch. I bought them at a craft market from a scrapbooking lady who was selling them quite cheaply. But that market is three hours drive from where I live so I won't be back there anytime soon. If anyone knows where they can be found online please let me know.

Here's my new 'currency scale' lol!
The first coin is a New Zealand 10 cents, it's the smallest coin we have now (both in size and value). Then there's the Australian 5 cents, a Canadian 10 cents and a US dime. Those coins represent the extent of my global travels, sorry there are no European coins - am still saving up for that trip!



  1. They are beautifully arranged, Mercedes :). The boxes are gorgeous. I know one place where they have loads of these, Bangkok :). Not sure if they are online though although I think some ebay stalls sell them vry cheaply as well. I will see if I can find some and email you the links.

  2. They are beautiful!!!
    Keep on saving for your trip to Europe

    Love Sylvia

  3. Sooner or later you'll ome to Europe and we to NZ. In the meanwhile why cannot we meet at middle distance? It would be fun!

  4. So tiny and beautiful!!!
    I can smell the roses fragrance from here!!!
    You will be welcomed if you decide to come to Europe.
    I am sure that you can do a "minis tour for Europe": from the North to the South...a lot of countries with minis amb people that will be glad to meet you, like me :)

  5. They look lovely! I have bought
    a lot of them from this online

    sorry I can´t create a proper link for you.
    Not sure if it´s exactly the same
    but these are lovely too, very tiny, and not expensive at all.

    /Eva J

  6. They are very beautiful!


  7. They look like they have come from a florist! Beautiful arrangements!

  8. Hello,
    I have a prize for you.
    Virginia Isabel (Spain)

  9. Ooh, I love the yellow roses in their basket! So pretty!

  10. So pretty! I really like the little square basket

  11. Thanks Mercedes!!!
    Good luck in the give away!!

  12. You did a beautiful job,the flowers are arranged very nice!
    And I hope you save enough to come over and pay us a visit,haha!


  13. I can see you have been very busy while I have been usual all looks wonderful!! is very hard now trying to catch-up with what every one has been up to!
    Linda x

  14. Are these the rose buds your looking for?
    I was just looking around & found this site!

    I do hope this addy works looks a bit strange to me! I've saved it so see how you go!


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