Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A house full of Advent Calendars!

Today our house seems to be filled with Advent calendars. By far the most exciting one is this swap from Susanna. Liberty was so excited to be able to finally open the first one this morning.

Actually, I was pretty excited too. Here's what was in day 1. Beautiful!

Here's the cookie tray calendar I made a couple of years ago, it's still a favourite with Liberty.

She's extremely happy with this 'My Little Pony' one because it has a chocolate for each day. I've never let her have one like this before, she ate her chocolate before breakfast this morning!
An advent calendar for Liberty's room...

And one for Noah - this one tells you how many days there are to go inside each door!

And how gorgeous is this one from last year. It's a little cottage belonging to a bear called 'Willow' who we also have a book about.
'tis the season!


  1. Certainly 'tis the season....and you look to be in full swing!
    Hope you enjoy your lead-up to christmas and I shall enjoy watching you unwrap a gift each day! Looks like fun....Enjoy!

    Linda x

  2. Ahhh, chocolate before breakfast, a girl after my own heart!

    That little pile of 'advent goodies' from Susanna looks wonderful.

  3. My son is also excited with the advent calendars. the one from susanan is a great idea. Enjoy it Mercedes

  4. I love advent calenders, they are a precious part of Christmas. Yours are beautiful. Kate xx

  5. My Boys love their advent calenders. I said to Ben the other day, "I nearly never got you a chocolate one Ben as your 18 now". His reply "I want one till I die". That told me..
    Looking forward to seeing all the little goodies from Susanna..x

  6. Oh, what a thrill you have each morning opening all sorts of things. I visited Susanna a while ago and saw your gorgeous gifts there. It's lovely to see what you both have received.

    Aava has the chocolate type too... and like Liberty, she had her treat before breakfast! I think I would have too if I were her...

  7. So many nice and beautiful calendars! I know the feeling, our house is filled with calendars as well! Even one for me this year :-)
    I wish you all a happy December counting down :-)

  8. The advent calendars are beautiful.
    Happy advent !

  9. Oh how I love Advent calendars too! I love the ones for Liberty and Noah's rooms, but by far the most exciting one is Susanna's - I can't wait to see what you get everyday!

  10. Mercedes,I'm sure there is no way you can forget Christmas day,haha!
    I love all your advent calendars...but the advent swap I think is the most excited one to open...so much fun!


  11. Ohhh so beautiful !!! unfortunately Matteo doesn't want one...he says he is grown up !!! I have one on my own. I'm NOT that grown up! My best loved are Liberty's and Noah's, specially Noah's. Hugs to you all Rosanna

  12. Oh how neat! I love advent calendars! My Mom cross-stitched one when I was little and now me and my kids use it. I haven't dug it out yet this year though...still trying to get into the Spirit over here! :)

  13. Beautiful advent calendars! And what better time to have chocolate at/before breakfast? Just ask the French! And THEN you brush your teeth... and you have all day to burn those calories... Sounds like an excellent solution to me.

  14. I absolutely agree with Lize, chocolate is perfect for breakfast too ;) In Holland we eat chocolate on our bread, haha!

    Sabiha is such a sweetheart, what great advent gifts! I just don't understand where she finds the time.

  15. My kids all have them too! My youngest is 16. The day I don't get them their calendars will be very sad for me.. Mini surprises everyday must be so exciting.
    Hugs~ Kim

  16. How many beautiful calendars you have!!!
    I love Advent calendars and I take one for my dauhter too.
    It's very lovely the Liberty's room, did you make it?
    And the cottege is also nice...where do you find this kind of calendars??they are so different....

  17. Me too, love the ones for the children. The one you made last year cookie advent? is great too especially if they really hold a cookie a day. But Willow house is a my fav. Esp if you open one window a day to a surprise :). Susanna's swap is fantastic. I didn't know Advent started on 1/12/09, I thought it starts 12 days before Xmas as in the song. LOL! I have never seen an Advent calendar being sold here.

  18. There's just nothing like advent calendars!!!

  19. How special they are and how exciting! I love advent calendars and remember the joy of opening each window. The chocolate ones were always a favorite, I can imagine Liberty's joy.

  20. Mercedes!!! It's all so pretty!!! You mean that one of the Advent Calendars have minis as suprise instead of chocolates?
    Love the little house!!!
    Warm regards,

  21. wow can I come play at your house? I love the bowl of little bags! What a great idea!


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