Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Party and Presents!

Thank you to ALL of you for your birthday wishes! This has to be one of the best birthday's I have ever had!

This stunning roombox is the gift I received from Sylvia and Sabiha. I keep thinking I'm dreaming every time I look at it!

Every tiny detail is just perfect! But what makes it so very special is that is was made by two of the best friends I could ever have.

I also received a surprise birthday present from Caterina, my Christmas Swap partner!

Caterina made this absolutely gorgeous paper towel holder (complete with tear off strip!) and hand stitched the most exquisite pot mitt and pot holder.
Caterina also made a matching tea towel and that beautiful apron and those perfect tiny gingham coathangers (I love gingham!).

Just a little while ago Liberty came running in from the mailbox waving an envelope and excitedly saying, "I think you got some dollhouse mail mum!" When I said it was from Singapore she said, "Oh! Susan". (Liberty remembers where everyone lives!) Sans sent me 100 roses!! How wonderful!

And especially for MiniKat here are a few pics from the birthday barbecue in the sun! Every birthday I have hubby says he'll invite everyone around for a barbecue and then I end up spending the day in the kitchen preparing for this year I suggested a lunchtime barbecue, that way I only had to work hard for a morning.

Here's an unusual sight, hubby in the kitchen, lol! Nah, just kidding, he's VERY good at cleaning up!

Grandad and the girls.

And how beautiful is that smile! The kids got the water bombs out and Liberty loves any excuse to get into her swimming togs!
Yes, it was a great day and I almost didn't mind being another year older!
Thank you ALL!


  1. OH MY!!! What perfect gifts!! Love that shodow box!! So many things to look at!! Glad to hear you had such a amazing birthday!! :)


  2. It looks wonderful your birthday and beautiful pictures!!

    Love Sylvia

  3. WOW! What a beautiful presents, you lucky girl! I love all of it.
    Great pictures of your birthday barbeque and Liberty!
    * marlies

  4. WOW!!!! Where does one start....the room box is perfect, congratulations to Sylvia & Sabiha, they have done a wonderful job of it, all so amazing. Thank you Mercedes for putting all the detailed photos of it on your blog, I shall get a lot of enjoyment having a 'really' good look at it all later today!
    Your christmas swap looks lovely & the roses from Susan are beautiful...what wonderful, wonderful gifts!!! Plus to finish off your day, there was your husband in the kitchen....I do love a man that knows his way about the!!!....but you already knew that! certainly does look like a great birthday...

    Linda x

  5. Great day ! and great fun ! Your gifts are beautiful but I most envy your hubby inside the kitchen. You know why ;o) Best wishes and watch out for the postman... hugs Rosanna

  6. Sorry I missed you birthday but it looks like a great day was had by all.

    And what a stunning are very lucky to have such good friends.

  7. Wow!!! The love that went into all of those gifts makes me smile and feel so happy. So many details in your roombox! Lovely!! I love the pics of the barbecue- especially because I have been asking my hubby if I can work from home till the snow melts :) You deserve a wonderful birthday Mercedes- you are the sweetest person :)

  8. How lucky you are to have such wonderful friends. I love the way your photos show all of the details.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    OH Gosh; I just love the shadow box,, it is Gorgeous... such amazing detail,, they did such great work on it.. and the other tiny gifts are just as pretty.. such a lovely way to spend a Birthday,,, except for you doing most of the


  10. Happy belated birthday Mercedes!!!

  11. wow! the roombox is stunning, and the other gifts are wonderful too. You are a very kind and charming woman so you will deserve it.
    Looks as one of the most wonderful birthdays :)

  12. Wow, such wonderful gifts! Beautiful! :-D

  13. Oh Wow I bet you are just thrilled to bits with that room box its fantastic, so detailed, must have taken forever to put together so beautifully. Glad you had a lovely day, lots of lovely gifts, lucky you. Kate xx

  14. feliz cumpleaños
    unos regalos preciosos
    la escena es divina
    me encanta

  15. Late birthday greetings, looks like you had a fabulous day!

  16. What a beautiful present to receive - I love all the detail in the room box. I'm sure you'll keep finding new things every time you look at it. Glad to hear you had such a lovely day.

  17. It looks like you have had a wonderful day!
    I 'm happy to hear that you loved the roombox,but I must tell you Sylvia did most off the work and deserves most off the credits!


  18. Looks like you had a really perfect birthday, my dear Mercedes. And may you have many many more of them :).

  19. Wow.... what a great gift!!!
    Have not been looking at any post over the holidays so I missed out on this one.
    I love the barbeque/ real life pictures; Hubby and Liberty looks so happy :)



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