Monday, December 7, 2009

One week gone already!

Liberty and I have been having so much fun opening the gifts in Susanna's advent calendar. It feels like Christmas every day!

Day 1. A sewing box

Day 2. A feather duster and tiny step stool.

The little step stool is Liberty's favourite thing so far because she has this real one of her own!

Day 3. The cutest bag of tiny 'Lush' soaps.

Day 4. A Bonnie Lavish kit to make roses.

Day 5. A whisk in a bowl of cream.
Day 6. These gorgeous shabby pictures, you have no idea how happy I am to own these!

Day 7. A beautiful fine wire basket.
Now, I know you're all thinking we have more than enough Advent calendars in our house but I've just made one more...each of these little numbered bags has a small Christmas decoration in it. (I bought all the decorations in the after-Christmas sales last year.)

Each day Liberty opens one and puts the decoration on the tree branch in her room.
Back soon with more Christmassy fun!


  1. This must be fun every day a new present! What a beautiful gift!
    * marlies

  2. Haha Mercedes - you've gone advent crazy - in a good way ;)

    Those other little gifts are all such fun, the "Lush" soaps are a stroke of genius!

  3. I love how you did a special advent calendar for Liberty-- so fun for her.
    That advent from Susanna is so wonderful!!! What fun it must be to open a mini each day!

  4. Such a cute little stepping stool! Oh, what busy 'little people' live in your 'little house'. No more dusty corners in their house... they can now reach everywhere, they sew, they bake.

    And how the time is flying! We are now less than 3 weeks away from Christmas.

    The little advent for Liberty is such a lovely idea!

  5. every present is lovely. I will be waiting to see the next ones.

  6. All the oohs and ahhhs ..:):). I totally understand why you have gone advent crazy. I would too. Beautoful gifts!

  7. What a lovely gifts!
    Susanna is so talent ( and so are You too, Mercedes) and she does so much nice things! Looking forward to see the rest of the calender...


  8. I like your xmas decoration calendar idea a lot!
    It's fun way to get in the mood for xmas :)


  9. Oh..a lot of calenders is just fun, and makes every day exiting for the children!
    The gifts, calendars and Liberty (OMG; her hair!!!)
    are just the cutest. Enjoy every day =)


  10. I just love the sppon and fork pic too! How perfect! Love the new 'calender'....but what's up with Liberty's stick?? Too funny!!!

  11. Mercedes,
    You and Liberty are so lucky!!!
    All the presents are lovely. Enjoy them!!
    Warm regards,


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