Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last days of the Advent Calendar & Christmas Swap

Here are the last few days of gifts I received from my Advent calendar swap with Susanna.

Yay! Now I can make some baskets!

A cute little dog and a jar of doggy treats!

A beautifully woven basket.

The cutest cabinet, a gorgeous candle wreath and Christmas books.

Thank you Susanna for making this the most fun December ever! It was very odd not waking up to open something on boxing day, Liberty misses it too!

And this beautiful angel is the gift I received from Caterina as part of the Christmas swap arranged by Rosanna.
Thank you Caterina!


  1. I am amazed at the amount of work that went into the advent swap! Gorgeous pieces all of them- I love getting materials too, all the possibilities are so exciting!

  2. Lovely all the works Mercedes and knowing how talented you are just cann't wait to see what you can do with them!!
    Warm regards,

  3. SNOWBALLS! I hope they haven't already melted Mercedes! ;) Everything just lovely, what a fabulous swap, it's showed not just crafting talent but such imagination on both sides, it's been a treat to share from 'afar'.

  4. You did the most wonderful Christmas advent calendar. All the gift (Sussanna and your are amazing.
    Tomororw I will write again for your special day!!

  5. It is not only you and Liberty have to miss the fun oppening the Christmas advent swap,but also me...I was as excited as too,to see all the beautiful gifts you received!

    Mercedes,my pc is still not fixed and I can not always use the laptop off my hubby,so before I will not able to sent you a email.... I wish you a very Happy Birthday,and I hope your family will spoil you a lot tomorrow!
    Ilayda sent Liberty a parcel and I hope she will receive it soon!

    Big Hug for my best friend in New Zealand and I wish you all the love in this world!


  6. Pop by again to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY :), May it be a pampered happy one for you :).

  7. Oh! Mercedes! What joy to see my little angel gold in your house! Did you like it? I hope so, yes! I put so much love in it and now see that it is there, across the world, filled my heart with joy and tears to my eyes ...
    I embrace you, I was so moved ...
    Give an angel in my country means to offer their friendship to a dear person, I hope that the stars that he has in hand, are a symbol for you and your family, wealth and love!!
    good holiday, I wish you that the new year bring you much joy!

  8. I'm sad too that I have no more packages to open.. However, I do have to clean up Esther's house and start finding places for the beautiful items I received :D
    Thank you so much!
    hugs <3


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