Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More advent calendar swap

Not long to go now! Things are crazy busy here this week! Here's a few more of the minis Susanna sent me in our Advent Calendar swap.
Bread, cheese and grapes.

Notice board.

Beautiful plant.

Dinner! How good does that look?! Susanna's mini food is quite spectactular!

Christmas decorations!! Yippeeee!! The lounge of the big dollhouse may just get decorated in time for Christmas after all!



  1. If your 'real world' Christmas is going to be better than this advent swap it's going to be REALLY fantastic. I'm fascinated to see all the wonderful ideas everyone has come up with, these little gifts are all just fabulous :)

  2. Lovely! I can't believe how close we are to Christmas now, when we all started opening our Advent Calendars it seemed such such a long way away! I of course, would love to see your 1:1 tree too, you know ;-P !!!

  3. Only a few more days to go! I think it's a lovely idea, this advent swap. But as I wrote at Susanna's blog, I am amazed at the amount of gifts you both have made. And such nice and beautiful gifts too! It would take me a whole year to make all that. Seriously!
    Happy Christmas!


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