Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Finnish Swap!

I have just done a swap with Hanna at Hanna & Leijona and yesterday my goodies from Finland arrived in the mail! It's so exciting getting treasures from all around the world!
Hanna sent me the sweetest things - beautiful hydrangeas, mini candy sticks, a wire basket of breads, little jars for the kitchen, just look at that little metal heart hanging on the lemon curd jar, how cute is that?!
And look at this gorgeous kitty that Hanna felted, he is just so special! Liberty has decided the cat is a boy, but as yet hasn't come up with a sensible name for him (well, a name that I will let her use! lol!)
Hanna also felted this lovely little teddy. She thought that the teddy might be too bright but he is just perfect for the boys bedroom in the dollhouse, it's in the attic and I've used dark blue wallpaper and the bed cover has a black background so that little teddy just brightens up the room! Along with Aava's drawing the teddy was Liberty's favourite thing!
Hanna's sweet little daughter, Aava, sent a beautiful drawing for Liberty. So cute to see all those words written in Finnish! There was also a tiny paper doll for Liberty and a postcard that had a house on it to cut out and make up! How cool!!
Swapping is great fun! Thanks Hanna and Aava!


  1. What a beautiful swap, Mercedes, love the cat! I can see Liberty is verry happy with her bear too! Its lovely!
    * marlies

  2. What a lovely gifts that You recived from Finland!
    Liberty lookes so sweet, I´m sure she like the bear.
    I´ve two cats that Hanna made for me, that I just love.They´re made to look like my real cats.You can see them in my blog!


  3. Wow!!! Mercedes and Liberty how lucky to have such beautiful things from friends!!!

  4. Oooh Mercedes,how nice for you to get so many treasures from all over the world.It is a beautiful swap!

  5. I'm really happy that you liked all the things. I received my HUGE package today and I'm over the moon with it!!!! I'll post about it tomorrow, when there is decent light to get photos, but I must say that you blew me away with all the gorgeus, beautiful, wonderful gifts for me and Aava. Hugs for you and Liberty and thank you so much!!!! You are such a talented dollhouse-decorator and maker of mini things I cannot believe it!

  6. It's a very good idea this kind of swap...and the drawing is cute!
    But expecially you have a very lovely girl.

  7. Ther is an award for you in my blog. :)

  8. Hi Mercedes, I love your blog,so I have a award for you on my blog,please come and pick it up!



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