Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tulip Crazy!

First let me say a big THANK YOU to all the lovely people who have passed awards on to me recently. I'll be back to collect them after my miniatures show which is next weekend. At the moment I'm working like a mad woman to get the house as ready as possible for the show. Which is one reason I have been making Sylvia's tulips like crazy! The actual dollhouse will be pretty much finished but the interior details will not! I have niether the time, the energy nor the money to get it 100% complete within a week.So my clever plan is to have as many flowers in the house as I can...perhaps people will notice all the loveliness and not the things that are the oven. LOL!

I LOVE Sylvia's flower shop and all the baskets of flowers she has everywhere so I decided to fill the big basket I made with tulips. I discovered it takes a LOT of those teensy tulips to fill a basket that size. I'm thinking that maybe one day I'll have to make the porch of the house into a flower shop. Of course I will have to learn a few more flower making skills!
I was trying to paint them while I was on the telephone (no, it wasn't easy) when Liberty came and took the paintbrush from me and had a go herself. I tried to tell her not to because it was very delicate work, however being only four years old she took absolutely no notice of me and proceeded to paint them very carefully. She actually did a far better job than I expected! Only she got bored pretty quickly.
Pink and white tulips in the lounge. Sorry for the bad photography, everything is being done in a great rush these days. That bowlful of tulips actually looks much better in real life!
Tulips in the laundry!

Oh and very late last night I made a laundry basket which I forgot to put handles on. I can probably still make them or maybe I'll just drape the washing over the edges.

I only had two tulips left over from the pink batch so I threw some multicoloured flowers in with them for now. They are in the nursery. Of course no real mother in her right mind would leave a vase of flowers that low down in a childrens room. LOL!
When I was in Melbourne last week I found the little statue of Liberty that you can see on the shelf above the bed there. It's a silver charm for a bracelet so it cost a ridiculous amount of money, it's less than an inch tall. There was a slightly larger more detailed one for three times the price, but this will do for now. Liberty was SO excited when I gave it to her, it was so funny. We didn't name her after the statue 'Liberty' was just a name we loved. But she calls it 'the statue of me'. And when she has an ice cream in a cone she'll hold it up high and say,"who do I look like?"
And finally I have made baskets for the drawers in the kitchen. All along I've wanted baskets in there and now I have the technology I have made them! Yippeeee!

I've been asked what sort of string I used to make the baskets and it's actually 'hemp' string but in the tutorial (link is in the previous blog entry) she says she uses kitchen string. Today I found some coloured paperish string so I'm going to give that a try. And if you go to the site with the tutorial and want it in English you need to go to her home page and there's a translate button.
Once everything is organised in the dollhouse and ready for the show I'll take some proper pictures and show you all the rooms. Sorry to keep you waiting Sans! These 'teasers' will have to do for now!


  1. Thanks for posting that basket link, I bookmarked it right away. Your baskets turned out beautifully, and the big one with the tulips is gorgeous!

  2. Mercedes,I hope some mail will come soon,you can use some things for your beautiful house? For me it looks great alrady,so don't be woried for the intervieuw!Your tulips look great,and you have make so!!! Your baskets look amazing...I think I have to visit the link you shared with us...I never made a basket!

    Big hugs!

  3. Now that is a LOT of tulips!
    Looks great :D

  4. I love the things you make, they look very beautiful.

    Greetz Kim

  5. Nice to see the rooms. I really like your kitchen cabinets!! The baskets and tulips are so sweet...

  6. Oh, everything looks so pretty. The kitchen kabinets are just beautiful with the decorations and the baskets. The little statue is so cool and Liberty is clever with her ice-cones, the shape is similar!

  7. Wow, you've been busy! The tulips look gorgeous in the basket you made and I love the baskets in the kitchen cabinet . . . well done! Everything looks just lovely!

  8. I would just love to reach through my computer and pick up that beautiful basket full of tulips and put in into my very beautiful!!.... Don't 'stress' every thing looks wonderful!!

  9. Hi Mercedes. You have been a very busy girl!!! Everything is looking fantastic! You are obviously very patient.

  10. Wow!!!!
    The baskets are beautiful and so many tulips, it al looks great!
    love Sylvia

  11. You mean this is the house that is still not done??? No way ! No wonder you are now famous! Everything is just right and absolutely perfect. You are making Sylvia's tulips? When the show's over and you want to throw out the old tulips, you know my Kashmiri Sylvia can do with more :)!

  12. Mercedes your rooms look wonderful.
    The basket filled with Tulips is beautiful. x

  13. The baskets and the tulips everywhere make it look so inviting! Love the baskets in the kitchen too. Good luck with the interview, enjoy it!

  14. That is a lot of tulips. It looks beutiful in that lovely basket you have made. What a patience.

  15. Mercedes all the photos are just lovely!!!! Your house is a jewel!!
    Muy congratulations for such a well done work and how is decorated!!!

  16. Dear Mercedes, How many works you have done. Thank you for placing my basket in the laundry, I'm honoured! I love your house, it's cosy and happy looking. Big hugs to you all

  17. My goodness you and Liberty have been so busy! I love all of your baskets and flowers, the baskets in the kitchen look terrific!
    I hope you have a great time at the show.

    Mini Hugs, Jean


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