Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Merci Beaucoup Mon Ami!

Yesterday I received some wonderful mail from dear Sylvia. Before she went to Paris Sylvia told me she was going to send me some instructions to make a dollhouse oven. However, when the mail arrived there were no instructions but a card from Sylvia telling me she was going to buy me Lea Frisoni's book when she went to Paris!!! I had to read her card several times just to believe it! And here it is, in my home now, and I still cannot believe I have this beautiful book. Sylvia even met Lea Frisoni and had her write a message to me in the book!!!! I have never seen a more wonderful book about miniatures, I am going to have soooooo much fun making things! And in case you are wondering, the book is all in French and I only know un petit peu French but there are plenty of diagrams and pictures to follow (I'm not much good at reading instructions in English anyway - too impatient!).
Sylvia also sent me that gorgeous dutch tin sign up there - now I have a little piece of The Netherlands in my home!
And for Liberty - an Eiffel Tower key ring and a lovely bright t-shirt, she was one happy little girl!


  1. Wow! Lucky you! I'm sure your petite peu of French will be enough :)

  2. What a beautiful book....How kind of Sylvia to do that for you!! And lucky Liberty!!

  3. WW! You are a very lucky woman with all these wonderful gifts, specialy the book!!!!!

  4. What lovely gifts! I think Liberty really enjoys her shirt. :-)

  5. Une petit peut is enough, just looking to the pictures.

    Enjoy it!!

    Love Sylvia

  6. How wonderful to receive such lovely gifts. Liberty looks very cute in her T-Shirt. Have lots of fun with the book and look forward to seeing what you make..
    Mini Hugs

  7. How lucky you are!!!! And Liberty too! So, you say that even with un petit peu of french you can actually follow the instructions of Lea Frisoni??? 'Cause I wanted to buy the book....but my french is poor :-)

  8. Hi Mercedes, Yes the book is great and very understandable. Liberty is looking verry happy with the shirt! You both are lucky girls,
    * marlies

  9. Congratulations to your new book!
    It´s such an inspiring book and
    I am sure you will find lots of
    new projects in it!

  10. Sylvia,is a wonderful kind women,and it is very sweet of her to send you this beautiful book!
    I love the book and there are so many beautiful things to see and make in it.The shirt looks great on Liberty,haha!

    Have lots and lots off fun reading your new book!

  11. Wow! Now you don't need to read my Mandarin "How-To" book dear! You can read the Dutch one! Did you receive my badly scanned pages? Sorry about that!


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