Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a winner!

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Katie's blog. I was amazed that I had won because I truly never win anything. I once went to a fashion show (years ago when I had no children and could afford nice clothes) with four of my hubby's sisters and his mother. There were hundreds of people there and all through the evening they were giving away prizes by pulling a ticket number out of a hat. Everyone I was with won something, but not me! So really, I could not believe it when Katie said I had won! And it was just the best prize to win, a whole load of miniatures. And she sent gifts for the kids and because she knows I'm also a scrapbooker she sent a huge lot of scrapbooking supplies.
It looked like Christmas here when her box was opened. There were just so many wonderful things, look at those fridge magnets, they're flat screen tv's and just the perfect size for the dollhouse!
And just look at all those gorgeous little bags! So much work has gone into all of those.
There were all sorts of minis, my favourites are the books and journals with real pages!! that Katie made, her framed picture of Mt Rushmore and the teensiest tea cup and teaspoon with a little cupcake.
Liberty had a great time with her Care Bears paper doll books and all the stickers and the playing cards Katie sent her. There were also special toys for Liberty's dollhouse and a little package of jewelery from Cora.
And gifts for Noah too! He was very happy! He was going to skulk off to his room to open them but I told him they had to be opened right in front of me so I could take pictures. LOL!
The gifts Katie sent for the kids were very special.
Katie added to Liberty's international t-shirt collection with this little number from Virginia Beach.

Thank you so much Katie! Your package was just the best fun and everything was so beautifully wrapped. Christmas came early this year...and it was GREAT!


  1. It is your lucky year I think, what a wonderful gifts, enjoy it!

    love Sylvia

  2. It was the best Birthday gift I have ever given myself.....Making someone else smile:)

    Glad you guys enjoyed everything in there!

  3. Wow!! What a huge box full of nice things!!
    Congratulations :-)


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